Bitter Sweet…

No one will forget this year, that is for sure…

Our world is changing. We lived in the movie Groundhog Day for six months, then all of a sudden, we are living in Maine.

More on that next post. (Which is coming very soon, I promise. I’m trying to take advantage of me not having a job at the moment and get on the computer to tackle my photo to-do list…)


Things start on fire a lot in Montana…


So much has happened since I was last on here, and yet again other than a couple things, the last four months have been very uneventful.

Facetime is still the norm… I like it. As much as we’ve moved, we have friends all over the place. I like to see your faces.

Time with three of my California Girls. Life is a little better in a pandemic if your friends are hair dressers… for them anyway.
I’m stuck with a grown out pixie and natural hair color with the rest of the country.


We bought a car! A very loved, one-owner (my friends Debbie and Troy), 1997 Subaru Outback. We passed the torch Montana style.


And then we realized we wouldn’t need two cars in Portland so they took it back and sold it for us… Top notch people these two. We did not settle into Helena in anyway but I met some great people at work, and these two I will stay in contact with forever.






We did get to camp once before we left, and it was glorious!

















Rummy, of course.



Camping is his favorite. He never stopped moving.
So. Many. Sticks.














Tomorrow is our 10th anniversary.
We now live just a few blocks from the hotel where we stayed for our fourth anniversary…
And this just happens to be a link to that post…

Right now I’m eating a donut that James brought me that tastes like if my Granda Natalie’s homemade cake donuts and Autumn had a baby.

Happy Fall, Loves! You can’t do much these days, but you can still go outside and kick leaves.


One thought on “Bitter Sweet…

  1. Head up to Rockport and check out the Maine Media Workshops. Might find something to inspire your photography when this whole COVID thing lifts. I went in July 2019 to study with Arthur Meyerson. It pushed my color work to new levels. Anyway, sorry your sojourn in MT was brief. I still have my RL condo….it provides therapy, solace, and sanity. SOMEDAY I will pour you both a glass of Polvere’s finest if we can align our schedules. Take care. Love the images!

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