Find Your Flow…

“Let me explain… No, there is too much. Let me sum up.”

So, Wow. Things are kinda crazy out there.
I’m not going to add my opinions, there are too many of those running amok already (amok, amok, amok).  (In my opinion…)

However I do have to mention it since this technically is my gift to my future senile self, so I can read about my life even if I don’t remember it.
(So ya, Covid happened, shit got real.)


This year was fairly sucky for me before all this all stated.

There are so many pictures going through my head (most include fire) that could way more easily describe the emotional baseball bat to the head, that was Winter 2020.

Depression: what a pip.

But it’s done now… (for now).

Spring helps…




Christmas… huh. I’m still impressed I decorated.















AA came to visit!



So this shitty thing happened…

In the beginning of the last post I was talking about reconnecting with my friend and long-time boss-man… Well, he passed on to the great ski mountain in the sky.


I took this image 14 years ago. He was the model for my “professional portrait” assignment in college.

What a great man…

















We take the same mile and a half walk everyday  (J does it twice). It’s beautiful, right behind our house, and the dogs can be off leash…













One of the very best things about quarantine is facetime dates.

King and I started having drinks via facetime a year ago. It is a superior way to stay in touch. I like to see faces.








I’m working through all this. I used to work in a little bistro inside a retirement community.  It morphed into working in the main kitchen when the quarantine came into affect. I like it…
I’m up and down with my feelings about leaving the house. Like most things that started out bumpy this year, it’s smoothing out.
Montana is a fairly safe area. Social distancing is already kinda a thing.
We do what we can…



I’ve been making bread!

This is stupid easy:  (And I’m not converting it into cups, go get a kitchen scale, you will use it all the time.)

  • 17 oz Flour
  • 2T Yeast
  • 1-2t Salt (depending on taste)
  • 10 oz water

Put dry ingredients in a stand mixer, add water slowly until mixed into a ball.
Cover and let rise for an hour. (I put mine in the oven with the light on.)
Take out and turn the oven to 500. Put your dutch oven in to heat up with the oven.
Pull the dough out of the bowl and reshape into a ball, heavily flour the outside of the ball and put in a clean mixing bowl.
Cover and let it rise for a second time for 15 min – About the time it takes the oven to preheat.
Take out the dutch oven and drop the temp to 450.
Carefully dump the dough ball out onto your hand and transfer it to the dutch oven. Cover and let cook for 20 minutes.
Uncover and let cook for another 15-20 to brown up.
Transfer to a cooling rack and leave it alone for 2 hours.






The Mr. has been making pretzels… There are no limits to his talents.




Max just needs so much more of a walk than Wynn. She rides most of the way.


Cast iron pizza…















Happy Birthday, to this guy! Thank you for all that you do… Including my future planter boxes. I’m jonesing to grow something… Love You like crazy!

me n pa

We are traveling to my town of birth this weekend to celebrate my niece’s graduation.  She’s all grown up! Kind of.

Sarah grass

Change what needs changing, Loves… I think it’s the perfect time for it.








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