She Was the Only Vegan I Haven’t Wanted to Punch in the Throat…


I’m dealing with death this week…

A friend of mine died. It was a cruel death undeserving of a such a quality human.

I didn’t know her that long, but she grabbed my heart like very few are able to do.

I haven’t lost anyone on a very long time.  I suppose it will start happening more and more as I age, that seems to be the crap theme in life.

Robyn, YOU were the shit, my friend. I hope wherever you are, there’s a mass amount of dogs for you to love on.














While in AA’s metal shop I saw this. I remember when she got this bracelet and where all the links came from, and what they mean…


I’ve recently gotten back in touch with my first boss. He is a lovely man. He lives across the ally from AA’s metal shop, so we try to have tea with him when I come to Red Lodge.
I worked at the Roman Theater for over 10 years. It will forever be my favorite job, and he will forever be my favorite boss.


Not a bad view while stuck in road construction…



Typical Montana. Early snow makes for a 20 second Fall.






When we drove to Helena for our actual move, we got stuck on the Bozeman pass for two hours.
Welcome to Montana…


Our new dog park. We go there almost everyday. My boy NEEDS to run.



Margaritas in our wedding glasses. It’s kinda our “welcome to our new home” thing.


They bonded over their mutual confusion.




ALL OF THEM! Although I’m terrible at letting THEM know that…



I absolutely love all the colors of beer. That is why I photograph it, not to make my mother panic that I’m an alcoholic.


George Michael was my very first love. And I still love him after all these years…


There is no such thing as JUST sisters…



We went to a tiny craft fair at the church walking distance from our house.
My sister and niece both work at this place in their town (the town where I was born) making lefse. This is something they both helped create, and there it was right in front of me.  Small world.
If you get the chance, do try some. I like mine with butter, cinnamon, and sugar.





Ah yes, one of my favorite days…





James has been busy… Tinctures he started last year were finally ready to strain. A whole lot of love and knowledge goes into his creations.
I am so proud.



I think if I had to pinpoint what I missed about Montana the most (other than the people) it would be the sky.

It really is Big Sky country.


We went to the Art Walk in downtown Helena shortly after we moved here. Most all the stores open late for local artists to display their work. It was a beautiful thing.
Next year I will be one of them.
I also met members of the local camera club, who invited me to their next meeting, so I went, and it was amazing. I need to be around other photographers to grow, that I learned early on.


These two made me laugh out loud. Not an easy feat.



Oh Boy! THE candy of my childhood. Grape Zotz.


I can spot a disco ball from a thousand paces…






We took a little field trip to the Montana Historical Society…




We waited outside in the cold to see if we could view any part of this past meteor shower. We couldn’t. But it was fun to get out anyway. Ya gotta try…


I created my own light show…


My mom and I made cranberry sauce when they were here. It’s one of the traditions passed down by my grandmother (my dad’s mom). Although I have cut almost half the sugar out of her recipe…


So messy…

But, I have a dishwasher now! Someone who HATES dishes as much as I do needs a dishwasher for sanity.



“Made in Montana” fairs are a blast. They have several throughout the year in all the bigger cities around Montana. The original one was only in Helena, but it got too big. Montana crafts(wo)men are some of the very best.
Of course I ran into someone I went to high school with. That is how it is here, Montana is one big small town.


We made Thanksgiving dinner a week early so we could celebrate with my parents.




Right now I’m going to pray this publishes. I just realized wordpress is unable to save anything I’m writing. So you will either get to read this now. Or I will swear very loud and you will get it later.

I hope your holiday season is not making you crazy.

LOVE and MISS you all…