You’re An Idiot…!

You know that part in ‘How the Grinch Stole Christmas’ where he gets the echo back “you’re an idiot”? Thats what I hear in my head every time I do something less than smart.

It’s always a good day when these two come to visit…

What do you see…?  Will you please put it in the comments? I’m curious.

I promise I won’t tell your shrink.

We meet again, Man with the jingly bracelets…  And cowboy boots.

No one human should be allowed to make that much noise when they move.

I have never seen a slug that big. It was mesmerizing. I needed the Mr.’s size 13’s for scale.

The roses are blooming all over this area. We can’t walk more than a couple houses before stopping again.

Makes me miss my mom.

I have volunteer potato plants that pop up every once in a while. I dig them up when I need the space for something else. Or, I move them. I usually get enough potatoes for a meal. Another vegetable that you can tell a huge difference when you eat it straight out of the garden…

Concord grape…

We went shopping (not a common practice in our household).

We didn’t find what we were looking for. But, we found Dunkies.

They are pretty hard to find out here… It made his day.


Peppers above, cucumbers below.

Some of my volunteer potatoes. And a round carrot.

King! Do you remember this shirt!? (Of course you do, you remember everything.) It dates back to my sophomore year of high school (1993). My second oldest kept article of clothing. Next to a sweet pair of pink and purple flowered shorts I made in jr. high home-ec. (That I also still wear.)

And a shit-ton of sage.

My peas seem pleased with their situation. I accidentally found that if you don’t crowd them, they are much happier. One plant per 18″ seemed the magic number (I know, crazy).

Happy Lost Sock Memorial Day, Loves.

And, Happy Teacher Appreciation Day… We have a lot of those in our circle. (And yet, we are not so smart.)


I Need a Title Before Bob Gets Here…

I’m not feeling chatty… If you would like to know more about my post, call me and I’ll give a more in depth tour.

My plot is all consuming right now, it sucks all my brain power…

You mainly come for the pictures anyway.

I’ll jump right in to the wildness going on at the Dejo household…

I love these flowers… white levcojum.

The fun had to end sometime…

Soggy hike.

Back when I looked ahead to when J was in school, this is the picture I saw. These are the times I’m certain we’re right where we wanted to be.

My last thirty-something  birthday happened at the end of January…

All I wanted was a trip to the nursery, a walk with my family, and to not have to do dishes. So thats what took place…

We have different tastes in dessert….

Jill’s birthday…

She wanted to go to a karaoke bar. It ended up being a huge amount of fun. (I know – so weird.)

White fluffy dogs in mud.

Second batch of limoncello, far superior to the first.

We miss you! And Little E…

Cutting class…

Today was potato chip day, so happy that…

I love and miss you all terrible…

Edward Coffee, Meet Shannon Jenkins…

Hello, Loves!

Right now I’m sitting in my warm house, with my favorite canine companion next to me. I’m healthy, (other than the remnants of a hangover (my salon holiday party was Sunday night)). I get acupuncture once a week, which has pretty much healed my digestive issues. My husband is damn-near perfect. I have a garden.  My family (and in-laws) love me. I get to make people feel beautiful for my job. My co-workers are hilarious, and talented, and I love every last one of them. From where I do my dishes I can stare at my Christmas tree.

Lately I’ve been loosing sight of the little things in life. I just keep thinking about the future and what our life has the potential to be. Not what it is now. This has been a problem with me. I always seem to be working toward something, it’s a very unsettling. Why can’t I just appreciate the now…? I was under the impression that life became easier with age. I wonder sometimes that if I would have had children I wouldn’t have time to think about all this. My energy would have shifted to them. That is both a delightful and horrifying thought.  Is there a hole inside women that doesn’t get filled without children? (Whether you want them or not.)  Does biology beat emotion? I guess I’ll never know. As is, my poor dog gets the brunt of my nurturing instinct…

To top it all off, my photography sucks right now. Whatever happened to getting up at two in the morning to go chase a storm…? I feel my passion slipping away. My work is so ordinary, and recycled.

Fuck! wine, wine, wine…

I just need to work harder.


Honey from Bob’s garden… I couldn’t take it back in the plane with me so my mom sent it. The label fell off the package so it floated around for a bit before landing back in Joliet where my mom relabeled it and sent it again. Isn’t it beautiful.




We are hard cider lovers. However most cider has a ridiculous amount of sugar in it. This brand does not, and it is delicious.


My wedding dress fits in a zip lock bag.


I can’t believe I haven’t posted since before our anniversary. (Well, yes I can.) Just one more thing that makes me feel lazy and unaccomplished.


Baklava ice cream. It’s what desert dreams of being in its next life.


A little anniversary gift from my Mr. Two of my loves: caramel and Montana.


Broke out Hocus Pocus on October 1. I can’t wait until it feels fall here, that may never happen.



Friends in town is one of my most favorite things. Especially this little ray of sunshine.



We went to an art opening for one of J’s classmate’s husband. His work blew my mind. This “little” (it was taller than me) piece wants so badly to be in my house. Check him out…











I miss you, girl… We need a phone date.











My first carrot!! I had to pull one up.





I made pumpkin cheesecake from scratch, including roasting the pumpkins. Two whole pumpkins and I barely got a cup after I squeezed all the liquid out. But a cup is all I needed. I love that color, looks like a 1970’s pantsuit.


Herbs from my garden.


Dressing is also one of my most favorite things. Three times as much onion as it called for. My aunt would approve.


We had a couple people over for Thanksgiving dinner. It was a good day.



After Thanksgiving brew (to move stagnant food along) courtesy of my acupuncturist.


One of my very best friends here has a meyer lemon tree. I ask him to bring me a lemon, he brings 40. Love that man. Limoncello it is! It is brewing as we speak. More on that later…



Hi, Loves! Oh, and I’m blond again. That’s what happens on a slow day when you are surrounded by badass colorists.


I love an opportunity to get dressed up…

Happy St. Nick Day, Loves! I would put candy in your shoes if I could.

Yesterday was International Ninja Day, and I missed it!! Luckily I am married to one.

Until next time…

Enter Title Here…

We’ve lived in northern California for over a year now. We rarely go further than a couple miles from our house. We went slightly further north, for a change.

Napa to start…




We are picnic people…



I’ll take my little bits of fall where I can get them…


Calistoga was another stop…







Hops have THE. MOST. AMAZING. SMELL… If you get a chance to break one open and breath it in, do it!


Grape vines everywhere!









We spent a “happy hour-ish” with pizza and beer, in Healdsburg.





My garden is very hit and miss.

Spaghetti squash happened to be a hit.






She will always find the most “royal” perch in the room.



First day, second year. I think he’s starting to feel settled.


Watermelon was a hit… I think I got three.


Cami and I work together, but not on Saturdays. She sometimes drops Mops off before work, then comes back after and spends the evening with us… Handy.

She is dainty.


Patty pan squash, very hit.




I worked the Garden Club booth for a couple hours during the Solano Stroll… (Annual street fair really close to my house.)





Right before I left for Montana, I broke my favorite lens. Or, I guess I only kind of broke it. It still works, but it’s stuck on 14 mm, and it only focuses really, really close up, it usually hits what I’m trying to focus on. I have a macro- wide angle… I see it as a happy accident, it is now one of a kind.

The crappy part is, I’m out a wide angle lens. If I get it fixed, it won’t work this way anymore…














I never knew they were books…


Color class in the city with Joel and Robby. Joel (darker hair) is the dad of Rocket (miniature pinscher) who we watch on occasion…


Can you guess which one is mine…?






Happy World Mental Health Day!  Considering who most of you are, you have cause to celebrate… I love every last “mental” one of you…


1/2 block is officially the shortest distance we’ve gone for our anniversary meal…

Happy number six, my Love. It’s been a grand adventure…



Last year… (California)



And, the year before that. (Maine)



And, the year before that. (Vermont)



Number two. (New Hampshire)



First… (Maine)




I Like Cake…


I’ve moved around a lot in the last 20 years. “Home” has taken on many meanings… Montana will always be home, in some form.



Day with BFF number 1… PBR and oj. I am back in MT.





My dad is scaling back a bit. He built a smaller shop next to the house. It’s a good move. We spent a day unwinding the old shop. I only fell off the ladder once…



Day with BFF number two…

She started this asparagus three years ago, it’s been in a pot at their apartment  until they started building their house. First ever sprout! I was grateful to witness the birth…







I really try to get chicken fried steak every time I go back. It is my ultimate comfort food. And surprisingly hard to find outside MT. Yes, that is a soup bowl full of extra gravy.


This is where day with BFF number three would be, if she didn’t live in ND.


The Billings farmers market is by far one of my favorite events… And I’m always there with family, which makes it even better.


I talk about Bob’s garden a-lot. If there is a heaven, it would resemble Bob’s garden. I went out there almost every day I was home. I can’t put into words how much I love being there.















Left over fireworks from our wedding….





My grandma’s roses growing in my mom’s garden.


My sister’s cross. We try to do a little spiff-up when I’m back…



Until we meet again….



Back in CA…


I sat staring at this spot for an hour, after a very long trip back. So close, yet so far away… At least I got to sleep in my own bed that night.




J completed his first year of school. His friend Wags gave him a trio of scotch, one bottle for the end of each year. Bottle number one down…







My mom loves this creepy little man, I miss her already…


I’m getting acupuncture every Tuesday. I feel all pro-active and stuff…






Dirt day part two…. My beds are very happy.






Tomorrow the Mr. and I celebrate number six. It is also “One Hit Wonder Day”, that makes me giggle a bit.

The Inbetween…

I’ve missed you… All I’ve wanted to do is hang out outside, which is the opposite of sitting inside on the computer.

Tomato number one. They are still coming in fairly regularly. It’s suppose to be in the 70’s the next couple weeks. Everything (myself included) will appreciate a little sunshine for a change. I can’t live in 60 degree “summers” it’s depressing.


The fourth of July, forever ago… Good food and fireworks, thats all I ever want…


I can’t remember if I introduced you Elon, her and I started at the salon around the same time.









Here is my beautiful squash plant about 20 seconds before it got powdery mildew and died. The East Bay and squash don’t seem to go together. Good thing I started eight more…


My garden is completely different from these pictures. I took out all the underproducing  plants, and replanted. What I have going on now… pumpkins, butternut squash, crooked neck squash, lemon squash, red and yellow beets, carrots, three kinds of lettuce, tomatoes, five kinds of peppers, potatoes, watermelon… We’ll see! For the next three plus years, I will not have to tuck my garden away for the winter. I get to just keep planting…







Rocket, our weekend guest.




I snipped the ends off my squash plants, so they could put all their effort into ripening the already existing fruit, instead of trying to produce more. It looked lovely in my window for a couple weeks, a flower would bloom every so often…


Have a great holiday weekend, Loves! I will be gardening. Like usual…