“Are You Going To Heaven or Hell?” “I Don’t Know, I Thought I Was Going To Montana…”

Life is just so big right now… It’s a pretty significant transition year, and we are at the apex. I will try to form emotions into words next post when my brain settles down.

I will talk about the time just before we moved instead.

And this Rose Garden:
My girlfriend has this magical place growing by her house….
We made it a day.

I’m a very “stop and smell the roses” (literally) type of gal. I get it from my mom.

Ketchup and Mustard rose… It’s actually a thing.

Fitting end to a perfect day…

This post is very Max heavy…

I’m just so in love with him, and he still hasn’t gotten to the point where he hates having my camera in his face. And he changes every day.

He signed the window with his nose – xxxooo
He is a lover…

Day one of the doctoral program… (In five short months he will be a Dr.) That look is him thinking he got out of pictures because he graduated. Keep getting degrees, and you’ll keep getting your picture taken.

My good friend found a german shepherd on her way home from work… at night, on a backroad, in a rainstorm. (If you knew her, this would come as no surprise.) When it comes to dogs, you will find few people who love them more than her. Heart of gold, this one…
She is one of my pups’ favorite people.

One thing I will miss about the last 11 years of living in, or near a major city is the frequency of friends coming to town for business.

He discovered the joy of sticking your head out the window…

Day with Peter…

Weekend bachelorette party…

My dog-loving friend, met a dog-loving man.

This lady… chance encounters with groovy people on elevators.
I love laughing.

I have loving, thoughtful friends… A welcome break from packing.

The Mr’s curriculum map, he got great satisfaction crossing classes off at the end of every term.

And now it’s done.

Pre-graduation breakfast…

His classmates voted to have him make the speech.
Note the swear jar and a stack of ones…

I am a proud lady…

Summa Cum Laude, bitches!

Last minute trip to one of our favorite spots…

Max was here…

Bowling with the salon…

Birthday girls…

Happy Independence, Loves!








Loose Ends…

THE move is becoming very real. At this moment we will be leaving in 67 days….

James is done with his Masters Program. He’s currently in France for an ear acupuncture workshop with a few members of his cohort. He’ll be there for a week, then they’re off to Italy for some r&r for another week.  Then home, with a stop on the East Coast to visit friends and family.

He deserves it (and you know I don’t use that word lightly).

Max is growing like a weed…

One of the main reasons I chose the salon I work at is because it is also used as gallery space. Every two or so months a different local artist displays their work on the walls… It is a beautiful space.
I couldn’t leave without contributing…

Out-takes from the disco ball shoot:

Red Sox game on a school night! I love it when a plan comes together…

My niece, Casey Jane is staying with us for a bit…
First stop, Tony’s art opening.

The official last day, of the last day photograph… I remember sitting in our living room in Lynn planning this adventure. And now it’s coming to an end.

Here is my hanging-ish. As close as I can get you to the real thing…

All but two were printed on metal. The other two on canvas.

Disco Ball: 30×40 canvas

On this wall, the biggest was a 20×24 and the little ones were 6×6… (for scale).

I decided to mostly go with black and white for simplicity and flow. Plus the walls are brick and gold. Most other color would fight with that.

Some of my newer infrared… 16×24 and 16×16

This is a good explanation of infrared…

Frozen flowers: 8×8 and 8×12

Lightning: 20×40 canvas

Happy Easter Eve, Loves!


Fix Your Ear, Wynn… You’ll Get Palsy Like Your Mother.

This is how long it’s been… The Paradise fire was the second week of November.  Time is slipping away…

SO! I couldn’t wait until the end of the blog to introduce you to our newest Constantine, Maximus.  To the best of our knowledge, he is a border collie, husky mix. He certainly herds like a collie, and sas talks like a husky. He was born the end of November, my favorite month.
He gives superior hugs.
He is all consuming. It took me about four hours to become completely attached….

My friend, Rachelle takes me to the best “hole in the walls”.
Fish curry served on a cafeteria plate. Just my speed.

Thanksgiving at Ruth and Bob’s. Our surrogate family.

Frozen chicken feet…

The Mr’s potions…

Chinese food and Christmas lights…

Christmas Eve…

Christmas Day on our beach…

This is a weird area where the ocean runs into itself…

Christmas Soup.

New Year’s Eve day, with Peter.

It’s always humbling to have a friend who goes to school with you that manages to do it all AND raise a family.

Mine was Kari.

This is Michelle, James’ Kari.

First day: term 11

At this moment he has seven weeks left in his Masters Program.
This part of our journey has simultaneously taken forever, and flown by.
My heart will be broken and elated to be away from here.

Two of my favorite people have birthdays on January 14. My middle sister, and this shiny gem.

Wynn digs her Cami.

This is Max’s litter.
I was so excited and overwhelmed, these shit pictures are all I managed to get. I believe there was eight. I wanted them all.

Work Holiday Party…
James got a puppy and managed to weasel out of going.

My birthday cake: 41

It is the year for changes… And I’m stoked!

Tomorrow is “I WANT YOU TO BE HAPPY” day.  I didn’t mean to write that all in caps, but I like it.

I sending you all a ton of HAPPY…

That Is A Bad Place To Take A Nap, Fish…

Hi, All…. Happy Happy Happy Holidays!! And yes, I say “Holidays”. There is a lot this time of year, and I appreciate them all.

We found a new favorite beach. It’s a dog lovers beach. And since we love dogs… and other people who also love dogs.
We spent Christmas Day there (pictures on the next blog)… (In April.)

When we stopped so I could take this picture, the man who owned the house near by came out and started screaming at me (lots of very bad words). So I blew him kisses, and waved, while he was telling me to “go fuck myself”.
So, I’m going to stick it to him by putting up the only picture I got, even if it’s crap…

Off to Florida!

We spent the first part of our trip with J’s middle sister and her family.

Florida Gators! A momma and her babies. (You have to look hard for the babies.)

The Taylor’s live in Lakeland. It is known for it’s swans. They are everywhere…

This is what pops into my head every time I see a swan…

Wedding time!
Sonny is one of J’s closest friends. He graces the ol’ blog from time to time, but not nearly enough.

The wasps were not invited to the wedding…

The “best” man.

The bride…
This was our first chance to meet Danielle.
She is a GEM.

We will get to know her better when we drag them to Montana to live.

We had Sonny’s daughter, Irina for the day. She is much more fun now than when she was younger… And she agrees.

This is me.

Sun rainbow. Kinda…

She is such a sport…

This was my favorite moment: running into Wynn puppies. I was too busy freaking out to take more pictures. I do so love dogs, especially shih tzu’s.

Is a penny lucky or unlucky, if its upright…?

We laughed a lot that day…

I do so love the beach…

And, to top it off, we ran into these two, who just happened to be in the same area running a marathon. J and Sean used to work together in Boston… Good Peeps.

That’s it!!! Holy crap! THIS has taken for-ev-er to finish…

I am so excited for this year!! 95% good things are on the horizon. (The other 5% is having to leave some very kick-ass people when we exit this state… but we don’t talk about that part.)

Happy 2019, Loves!






This is going to be a very good year… I just have a feeling.

Even though I’ve given up on my own garden, I still like to go hang out in others…

On our drive down to Santa Cruz, we stopped at a random Taqueria, like we usually do on road trips. All the food at this place was a little off, not bad necessarily… This green sauce tasted like instant pistachio pudding.

Celebrating number eight.

This was a great weekend.

He is still the best decision I ever made.

He hates me photographing him in infrared, it makes him look soft, and creepy.

What do you see in this band aid…?

I like tomatoes, but I don’t love them. I like things that are made from them. However, sungold cherry tomatoes, I eat like candy.

See you all soon…

King Virgo


I have several clients who are extra special.

Ruth is one of them, I cherish every second with her.

From her garden… The light is always beautiful there.

Flowers from another client/friend… they were not dead when I got them.  I actually like the look of dead flowers as much as live.

I did not mean to do this, I was actually in a hurry when I poured them … Since I’m not nearly as disastrous as I used to be, I feel like my guardian angel sends me little gifts to reward me for a lighter work load.
I do appreciate symmetry.

King came to visit!!
She is my person.
I miss her everyday.

Beers with Peter.
San Francisco is not my thing, we rarely go, but its fun when friends come to town.
Zeitgeist is a must.


Wine for her.

Beer for me.

Wine is not really my thing.

Thanks for the fun!

End of term party. Nine down, two to go…

Chicken fried steak, and corned beef hash and eggs, on the same menu, on the west coast! That made our day.


Oh yes, and hash browns… My second favorite potato.

We were compatible hiking companions. He appreciated the frequent stops.

Bears DO shit in the woods…

Birthday lemon bars.

I’m glad he was born.

Birthday surprise… Last minute work trip to SF for Sonny.

We missed each other before he left for his first day.
After works…
First day, term 10.

Lady Sybil.

These flowers will always remind me of my mom. When we moved here, my mom drove out with us. They were growing wild everywhere.

Have a magical weekend, Loves…



Blue Camping…

Hello, Loves…

I’m trying to get this done because one of my best friends will be here TOMORROW!!

A group of us went up to Tahoe. The same group as last time. It’s a thing now…

We decided on a hike the first day… Actually, the guys repaving the road outside the cabin made the decision for us.

Brianna posing with her tree that she ran straight into… Beauty AND grace.


The princess found a worthy perch.

This was the best key lime pie I’ve ever had. I thought it was my birthday…

This goose was an asshole. That kid behind him was kinda one too…

More infrared…

This little guy tried to hide from me.

Jalapeno sauerkraut.

A’s game on the third of July…

(She was trying to catch popcorn in her mouth.) Our entertainment while waiting in line to get to the field.

Waiting for the fireworks to start.

The coldest winter I ever spent, was the summer in San Francisco.  – Mark Twain

This quote goes through my mind a lot while I’m out walking in full winter gear, in July.

Craft night at the salon.

Spider vs. fly. The fly did not win.

Carrot blossom.
Mom- these are what I was telling you about…

I have one volunteer tomato plant. It’s a tough bugger. I don’t have the heart to pull it. It has never in its life gotten water.

Same waterfall… My image is much cooler.

I’ve never met an oyster I didn’t like, until now. It was the kind that convinces you that you are going to get food poisoning the minute you chew it up. (I didn’t.) I guess I’m an east coast oyster snob.

National Donut Day! We drove over to Walnut Creek to one of the two Dunk’s we know of in this area.

Blue camping… We got up close to our camp before I realized I only had one memory card. Two cameras, one card. So naturally I chose the infrared. There was only a couple times I wished for my regular camera.

My garnet. I carry it around in my pocket most days.

Yes, I know, I was in a campground… It’s hard to camp within four hours of here and not be stuck in one, especially this time of year. And, of course everyone wants to escape the rat race. So we smile and enjoy the family who is also a bluegrass band, one camp over.

And the soft penny tootsie rolls at the convenience store within walking distance.

Tiny moon.

(King-  I thought about crawling across, but I didn’t think my knees could handle it.)

Molting cicada, or the stuff nightmares are made of…

Not sure if it’s an infrared thing, but I get some crazy lens flare that I don’t seem to get with my regular camera. Makes me think of Anthony every time.

Homemade Ramen with bone broth, rehydrated jerky and mushrooms.

Our camping game is becoming strong.

Yes, our first aid kit get used.

This tree came tumbling down the cliff, and brought several boulders with it.

Putah Creek Cafe, go there. We only had two things, but I bet everything is fantastic. Attention to detail, my favorite.

And that is ketchup, not mayo, in that container…

It’s National friendship week. So, this is me sending my love to all my friends around the country.
LOVE LOVE LOVE you all!!