I mastered bread, then once again I remembered it’s bad for us. If I wasn’t a butter junkie… Fresh bread is the ultimate butter delivery mechanism.




Yoga with the Mr.

We are getting very close to living car free. Soon.


There is a lemon/lime/orange tree steps from or house. They just let them drop and rot, so I have no problem rescuing a few.

Isn’t that the most beautiful orange…? It tasted beautiful too.


These trees belong in a cartoon, like Rainbow Bright.







Aren’t cosmos the happiest flower…? Those, and daises.

The ones I planted are dancing all over the place.


Wild, tame blackberry.


My artichoke no longer looks like this, I had to cut it off at the base due to aphids, they give me the willies like no other. (Stay tuned to see if it grows back.)





Tiny rose bush.




Goji berry bush.




Yay for visiting friends! Matt and Becca were in town from Boston.






And they brought just pulled out of the ocean, salmon…





Bowling with the work crew…








Garden Club…

I’m beginning to realize that my outings involve either garden club or work friends.


Early for work, sunshine… as “selfie” as I get, it’s even a dumb word.

Work is flowing with way more ease. The level of anxiety surrounding it is dissipating. I think I picked a great spot to spread my coiffure love around.






Her days are numbered…


We spent the solstice together, which is rare… the solstice and getting to spend a whole day together.

We knew these days were coming…. we appreciate the time we do get. Like right now, he’s sitting next to me making flashcards… I love holidays.



That cucumber is the first thing I pulled out of my garden.

Gardening makes me happy.


Saying goodbye to another work friend. Celine is moving back to Switzerland.


She’s the beauty in the middle…











The word sassy, is sassy…


Happy Fourth, Loves!!

I get to eat potato salad, and hamburgers, and watermelon. and cookie salad! And, maybe see a firework or two. Perfect.



Dead Ravens and Baby Pigeons…

I have read that neither dead ravens or baby pigeons exist, I have seen both since last we chatted…



J and his classmates get together on the last day of (or shortly after) finals, to decompress…











The Mr. came to the Garden Club Spring Tea with me, he’s a good sport.






Happiness is outdoor space.




More work girls…. You’ve met Cami. The flamingo lover is Whitney, the only extrovert in our little sea of homebodies. We work in neighboring stations three out of our four shifts, she’s one of my favorites. She makes me miss day drinking…





In the last post I was yacking about needing to get done so we could get to the city, this was that night…

Hole in the wall with Peter.


And jazz.



Cutting class…


My back yard was bare when we moved in, then it rained all winter…






First day, third trimester.


DIRT DAY!!!! It ranks up there with Christmas.


A perfect soul, I’m grateful to have her in my life…

We met in photo school. We now live 50 minutes apart.








From one of my clients. She didn’t even know they were my favorite.

People can be so beautiful.


Sad to see one of our crew moving on. Goodbye fellow meatball lover…




This was good in theory, I think it fried my seeds, nothing but the pumpkins germinated.



My first strawberry…



Dog stroll with friends…



Before and  after… kind of.  The veggies are in, everything else can be done while they grow. Please don’t judge the white trash look we have going on.





Tomorrow (or today, depending on when you read this) is National Chocolate Ice Cream Day. And so I will.

It is also this firecracker’s birthday…


I have the best, best friends.


Were You A Ballerina When You Were Younger…?

We are staying in the city tonight, I have a class tomorrow that will be much easier to get to if I’m already over there… Plus, we need it.

We are meeting Peter for noodles and beer.

So! I will get this done before I leave.


I have mostly always lived where there were four seasons.

From what I can tell, here there are two, spring and summer. Spring started two months ago.

There are blooms everywhere, so many I have never seen…





Happy very late day of Love…


Dinner prepared by my love…









This adorable man was giving a bonsai demonstration at garden club, I wanted to take him home with me.







Flowers from the Mr.




Trip into the city to see Kevin, who was over for business.








Brunch with Jane and her family. (One of J’s classmates.)



I really like her.


And of course with two acupuncturists in the house, there was a lot of tongue diagnostics.






Cicada “protein”.

J ground them up and put them in protein bars. I tried the ones with cricket flower, I couldn’t do the cicada, I am weak…





I very much miss my family on Easter.
























Hairdressers hardly ever get their hair done, it’s the nature of the beast.

It just makes it that much more enjoyable when it does happen.


Cami… soon to be our newest stylist.




Hillary, my “boss”. She grew up in a beauty salon, her mom was a hairdresser as well…




Our yearly St. Pat’s corned beef and cabbage hash. I like that we have traditions.


Beach time with Peter….



My favorites…



Al Fresco makes my day.



He still brings me flowers…


I’ve been making bread.

I don’t think bread is a great addition to my diet, however, I start to loose my mind when I go strict meat and veg. I figured homemade bread is ok now and then. I make enough dough at the beginning of the month for a small loaf a week. Warm homemade bread with butter has a crack-like affect on me, hence the one loaf a week.





I believe every month to be garden month, but April is officially garden month.

I shall work on my plot Monday. My soul has been missing the dirt.

Happy day after April Fools Day, Loves…

Wide Birth…

I started out my 37th trip round with oysters, great friends, and bowling… And, one of the many crazy storms to hit Boston in the winter of 2015.

The last day of 37 was spent with the St. Louis symphony and key lime pie in Berkeley, California.

37 was a year of changes…


J and I met in St. Louis… it’s where we honeymooned. It’s one of my favorite places to visit.


I’m like a little kid at the symphony, bouncing up and down in my chair with a shit-eating grin on my face.

(I forgot my camera that night, this was taken with my horrid iPhone camera…)


38 started with rainbows on the ceiling (a welcome change from the usual cloudy mornings) a walk with my favorite two, and laundry.

And… actually picking up my camera, I spent the last two months hardly touching it. My overall mood is directly related with how much I’m gardening and photographing. I was doing neither… you get the picture.


38 shall be the year of…



Back to December…


I finally got to tame the beast… the last photo with it long.




Our Christmas movie list: Scrooged, Die Hard, Elf, Love Actually, Christmas Story, Lethal Weapon, Harry Potter (the first one). And a handful of others that I usually watch by myself while puttering around the house in December.


Montana for Christmas…


Beautiful view. Sucky roads.



Heaven will include my mom’s blueberry muffins…


My new shelf! That is still not hung.



I made this when I was maybe eight…-ish.


Birds from Grandma Ruth.


Anne’s reindeer.


Jeanne’s sled.


It was a beautiful drive… One we will not be taking again in winter.




Back home…









Second, first day of school.



My sister Jeanne (because she’s awesome) gave me an amaryllis for Christmas. It just got done blooming… I love the color.


Acupuncture Points. I find those stickers everywhere…


There are so many spring flowers right now. I find it kinda awesome to see an iris blooming in January.





Hair class…

I’m loving my job. It is taking up a lot of head space still. I fall asleep thinking about color formulas.

Everything is starting to click, and that is a beautiful thing.


Lunch with my friend/co-worker… She started at the same time as me, and also just moved from the east coast. We take a lot of classes together, Groovy chick.

















This is a rosemary bloom. I never saw one until I moved here, it was never a perennial anywhere I’ve lived.



Yup, the Mr. is a badass.


We bought power ball tickets. We look at it as cheap entertainment. We got a full 24 hours of highly entertaining daydreaming for four dollars. You can’t even rent a movie for that price.



Two of my co-workers: Monica, (left) a little Mexican spitfire who already knows way more about hair than I do, and Rachelle, (one of our two estheticians) a gentle soul who brings sunshine wherever she goes.

I’ll introduce you to them all at some point in the next five plus years…





Wynn fell in love with this gal, her name is Crystal, she is from South Dakota (I found that out after Wynn headed in her store and behind the counter to get to her). I have never seen my dog react to a person like that. She was incredibly happy inside this store.  We stayed and visited a bit, good energy.



Happy Year of the Monkey! Monkeys…

It’s also Kite Flying Day. Where I live, it is a perfect day to fly a kite. Sunny and 72. 11 mph wind, probably a bit more at the water…

I think we’ll go to the beach today…

My Beard is Majestic…

Back on the first day of fall, I was drinking sangria, that I do remember…



The Mr. and I celebrated number five in our usual manner, although we stayed local, no trip this year…





Our friend Peter received this for his 21 birthday…

We were honored to be included in it’s drinking, almost 20 years later.


Twenty years is a long time, you would smell it too…

It was good.



Onto the eclipse…




We have a little dog beach less than a mile from our house, it’s a great place to watch the sun set…









We watched two extra shih tzu’s for a couple days, they are so sweet. Not as playful as Wynn would have hoped.



Sometimes you just need a burger and fries…



J and I’s first official Thanksgiving! Of our eight Thanksgivings spent together, we never got to have it on the actual day, J always had to work.

We had friends, neighbors, and a 27 pound turkey. Might have gone overboard a bit on the turkey… I do love turkey.

And, I still don’t have a picture of a beautifully browned, cooked turkey, just my usual creepy uncooked shot. Next year…

I miss her… The smell of butter and cooking chicken reminds me of her. One of my only regrets in life is that I didn’t get to know my grandparents as an adult.



I finally got a job! Even though there are 100 salons within two miles of my house, there were very few that fit my needs. Dark days at the Dejo house… (shudder… looking for a job sucks).

I did finally find one… It’s a mile from my house, so I can walk. It’s also an art gallery so I get a revolving supply of inspiration.



My station…


The salon Christmas party was last night… 70’s disco theme.

J is such a sport; polyester and hairspray.

The “majestic” beard… I get to trim it as my Christmas present… cheap ass.



Happy Cotton Candy Day, Loves!

And, Happy St. Nick Day, one day late…

Love and miss you all!

Are You Prepared…?









California litter… size 13 platforms.


The Mr. on his first day of school…



I found a yoga studio 30 minutes from my house (on foot)… ten on my bike.







Our backyard is full of things that get tangled in my dog


This little beauty is what happens when dandelions mate with Satan.


Stolen citrus: I’d have felt more ashamed if there wasn’t a bunch rotting on the ground.


Birthday/end of the first week of school dinner, with Peter… That stolen lime is in my drink, and it was delicious.





Alanna- I have a lot of magnetic surfaces in my house…




Sonny had a stop in San Fran… so we ate food outside, by the water._MG_4487-28











I love pancake breakfast’s…


Every year on a certain Sunday, they close down the street a half a block from my house, for a huge street fair.





I saw these on your birthday…











I have blackberries growing in my back yard, apparently not getting them to grow is the trick.


I went to my first Berkeley garden club meeting. They meet only a couple blocks from my house, it was fate.

Tomato tasting…




It rained the day after garden club… Not anything major, but when you usually get nothing, it was glorious.



(Sep 20 2015 08-00 AM)Canon Canon EOS 7D(5184x3456)

There is a huge community farm close to my house… It is a magical place.

(Sep 20 2015 08-16 AM)Canon Canon EOS 7D(5184x3456)

(Sep 20 2015 08-19 AM)Canon Canon EOS 7D(5184x3456)399063

(Sep 20 2015 08-20 AM)Canon Canon EOS 7D(5184x3456)

(Sep 20 2015 08-23 AM)Canon Canon EOS 7D(5184x3456)

(Sep 20 2015 08-28 AM)Canon Canon EOS 7D(5184x3456)

(Sep 20 2015 08-34 AM)Canon Canon EOS 7D(5184x3456)

(Sep 20 2015 08-38 AM)Canon Canon EOS 7D(5184x3456)

(Sep 20 2015 08-39 AM)Canon Canon EOS 7D(5184x3456)

(Sep 20 2015 08-46 AM)Canon Canon EOS 7D(5184x3456)1047831

Today is World Heart Day…

I heart you, loves.

Summer: Take Three…

We left a couple days after the party, thee people, two cars and a shih tzu… And several books on tape.



It was a beautiful drive…


It took us three days to get to San Francisco… we took the long way.




It stopped on 22.00 exactly…






My mom’s first trip to the Atlantic… I have been there when she saw the ocean for the first time, on both coasts.











My first picture of the Golden Gate Bridge… pretty stellar!


This is when we were looking at the house for the first time…






View from our hotel…



Flying home from driving with my mom back to Montana…


Around the new neighborhood…









Our first trip into the city, after we got settled… enough.


And meeting up with a great friend…


Peter married us…







Root beer on tap… just for me.







The Mr. painting some our “new” furniture…





I lugged that heavy ass mirror 3000 miles only to have it break just before we got it hung. I loved that mirror… We were out with Rudy and Andee on the back roads of northern Mass a couple years ago, someone was having a garage sale… That was a great day. I kept the frame… and the bigger chunks of glass. I’ll do something cool with them.

But, I did get my witch ball hung!

It won’t be a day, but it won’t be two months… Next time, hopefully I’ll be able to tell you about my new job.

Vacation’s over, and I couldn’t be happier.

Friday is cheeseburger day, just so you know…