Portland (Eew No, Not That One…)

So, the Montana exit:
We came to the realization back in March that Helena was not likely to be our forever home. We wanted it to be, but there are just a few too many confederate flags and styrofoam containers for us to feel it was the right place for us. However, for the love of my parents and the few other members of my family and friends that even care if we live there or southern Africa, we would have stayed if we could have possibly made it work.
In the end James finding a job in the field we just spent the better part of five years persuing was most important. The saying “put the life jacket on yourself before you help those around you” kept going through my mind. You can’t be there for others if you yourself are sinking.
Within the span of one week James had two interviews, took and passed his final NCCAOM exam, and drove to New Jersey to be with his family as they worked through the shock of loosing his dad unexpectedly.
Don was a great man and the absence of him will be felt forever. I will miss that laugh.

J found out while he was there that he got the job in Portland, so he left the car in NJ, flew back to help finish packing up the house and drive our life to the east coast. The man is a rock star, and I don’t deserve him.

Nothing, nothing, nothing, everything… our last year in a nutshell.

We are coming up on a month in Maine. We’re still kinda in that in between stage where we don’t feel settled or grounded, but the newness has worn off. We still love it though and are looking forward to the day we do feel at home… Maine has a nice balance of city and country. We live in downtown Portland but we can be in the sticks in less than a half hour. The ocean is three blocks away. It has four seasons, winter isn’t too terrible being this close to the ocean. We can be in Montreal in a five hour car ride, Boston in less than two, and Europe within the day with just a short transatlantic flight. Someday… when us dirty Americans learn how to wear a mask, and stop crying about the injustice of it all. What a bunch of whiny little bitches.

I miss these two. They were the bright spot of our life in Helen. I can’t wait to hug them again one day. When we can fly… and hug.

Our last days in Helena…

Going away drinks with friends…

In case you can’t read the very fancy writing: J is officially a Dr. of Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine!

He still wanted his picture taken with the Spiderman costume more.
Lovely sushi date with my niece when I dove to Bozeman to get J at the airport.

Happy Birthday apple pie for my Mr. It was the best ever! Just like him.

We got to decorate a rock! Such an honor.
My dad completely renovated the end tables we made together 20 years ago. He is one of the greatest, most giving people I know.

My parents came to help me with the dogs when J was in New Jersey, since I was still working full time. Then they came back to help us pack up the apartment. My mom brought meals so we didn’t have to cook in the chaos. They are truly the best, and I’m still very irritated I had to leave them in Montana.

This was my very first cassette tape. My mom gave into my begging at the Woolworths in Glasgow when I was in the fourth grade. I found it when I was helping my parents declutter the garage. Max promptly made it his own.

This is Sam: my parents new reason for living. He is so very loved, and now the main topic of conversation when we chat. Which is okay, dogs are one of my most favorite topics.

First meal in our new place.

We celebrated number 10 last month. For the second year in a row we didn’t pull out the wedding clothes (mainly because we had no idea where most of them were packed) it was kinda sad. (Next year we are back to our tradition. I have something very special planned for 11.)
This year we headed down the block for desert and drinks.

A picture from our honeymoon I found the other day…

I have never heard sloppy joes referred to as slushburgers outside of my own home growing up. Until now.

We took our first day trip. This area is adorable and full of old port towns, everything looks like it belongs on a postcard.

I had an old friend who lived at Touchmark (the retirement community I worked at in Helena) named Mervin, who would tell me jokes every time I saw him. The one above is one he’d tell me often…

AHHHH, first apple cider donuts on the East Coast. Johnson’s Corner is a Constantine family favorite.
View from our apartment up Congress street.

I came across a few pictures from the beginning of the summer that didn’t make it onto the original post …

Got to see my bestie and her family (my second family) in Butte.
My girl…

Until next time, my Loves…


One thought on “Portland (Eew No, Not That One…)

  1. I hope you are feeling settled and at home, love the “stay wicked fah apart” sign! So excited for you both! you are so close to the ocean, it is so fascinating in the winter…Enjoy your first fall and winter in Maine….our prayers will be with you. Aunt Rose

    On Wed, Oct 21, 2020 at 12:00 PM Mrs.Dejo Grows… wrote:

    > mrs. dejo posted: ” So, the Montana exit:We came to the realization back > in March that Helena was not likely to be our forever home. We wanted it to > be, but there are just a few too many confederate flags and styrofoam > containers for us to feel it was the right plac” >

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