Toast Without Butter Belongs In The Trash…

Happy 2021, Loves!!!

I feel so inspired right now! I usually do this time of year; I love fresh starts…

Short of something crazy happening we’ll be in Maine for awhile. We are content. And that is a good feeling going into a new year.

HAHA! It is now February 1, and it’s cold, and all I want to do is lay in bed and read.

My Christmas tree is still up.

I just learned that tomorrow is a snow day at work.
A gift from above.

Maybe I’ll take down the tree, or dust it.

This is Jade! The reason we moved here…
James’ window is the one in the main house, top floor facing the drive way.

Our first Portland guests.

We’re thankful that we still live close to family. Jame’s cousin’s live an hour and a half away. And halfway between us is Portsmouth, NH, one of my favorite places.

I’ve started allowing myself to be hopeful about this coming fall. Maybe a little more freedom…?
I even miss the dream of traveling.

My boys…

Happy Halloween!!

Isn’t it nice to get some fall color in the middle of winter.
It is my procrastinator self talking, but still true.

The Mr. and I love this building. There are a lot of very cool places here. Old brick buildings are the best…

Living downtown has its perks. It also has 10.5 hour long, horn honking sessions.

And our apartment windows are shit.

I do still like being near that kind of energy though…

First attempt at scones: Too big a batch, so I could’t spread them far enough out in the pan.
And the fruit made them too wet, even with added flour.

King! do you recognize this!? and the one behind is from the same company!
There is a picture below that has a third that was added later in the month. I love them all!

Work Christmas party…

This year I am thankful for:
James finding his place to settle and grow.
Our pups.
Living by the ocean again.
Time to work on me.

James and I stopped getting a whole turkey a couple years ago. We both prefer dark meat, so really there was no point getting a whole. This year what we got was terrible! Such a bummer.
It’s like the turkey’s whole diet consisted of something weird, like poptarts.

We had a lovely Thanksgiving lunch together.
Yup, that’s my parent’s puppy with a spot at the table…

There are just some windows that are made for Christmas trees…

And some hallways look like they should have twin girls in blue dresses at the end of them.



Pot roast in a cast iron dutch oven.
It’s the simple things in life…

The only way I can get them both to look at me? Pie from this place.
And cheese.

I feel ya, brother.

I call this one: “Waiting on a photographer”.

My friends sent me Meyer lemons from their tree in Oakland . They are worth doing something special with if you can get your hands on them. We made cookies, limoncello, and fermented a jar full. More on that when we use them for something…

He. loves. snow.

Happy Holidays, Loves!

Second and much improved scone attempt. I’m sticking to no fruit ones for now.
Below are eggnog… There wasn’t anything I would have changed.

This looks like a person, but is not, and we can’t figure out what it actually is. It still makes me jump every time I glance at it.

Early NYE dog walk…

There is a hotel down on the water that always seems to have fires going on their patio whether anyone is there to enjoy them or not. So we decided to see if they also liked dogs.
They like dogs.
Max, however, come to realize, does not like to be surrounded by fire — one, fine — six, no.
It was a quick beverage.

Later evening celebration with Rudy and Andee.
(We went with to pick up their dinner.)

A very joyous, productive, peaceful, healing 2021!

My first part of 2021 is all things photo.
(I split the year into quarters; it allows me to be more selective and purposeful, and stay open to change.)
My new computer arrives this week. That will help smooth the ride…

I don’t think I’ve put a link to my website on here yet. So…
Step one…

Growing food and taking pictures, those are my loves. Those two things are getting most of my 2021 energy… Mostly photo, since we live on the third floor with zero outdoor space.

I hope all of you get to work toward something worthwhile this year…


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