My Glass Has Fleas In It…

I’m not feeling all that talkative, the pictures will just have to do.


This only happened once, for about two minutes, by the next day the sun’s position had shifted just enough.

Whole lotta love in that frame.


More raspberries… everyday, more raspberries. Not that I’m complaining.


On to our anniversary weekend! It was fantastic, just like my groom.

Fish and chips – a good way to start.


We decided on Portland (Maine) to celebrate #4.


View from the top of our hotel…



I’ll say it again… I’m a lucky girl.




Ahhh, so thoughtful of them.






The Westin in Portland actually makes corned beef hash that doesn’t look like cat food. Kudos to them!






If you have never had poutine, you NEED to at some point in your life. Fries cooked in duck fat, topped with cheese curds and gravy.

The way to my heart is through gravy… Happy anniversary to me!


Instead of staying in Maine the whole weekend, we came back to town to celebrate The Wagner’s tomato harvest.

Friends are always worth a change in plans.











Lola came for a nice long visit while her mom was out West…





Lola digging her bed…


Pretty girl…

(Oct 05 2014 10-55 PM)Canon Canon EOS 5D Mark II(5616x3744)

Apple picking with the sisters… Uneventful, I think not.







While we were picking apples, the bouncy house took flight… with children in it.  We then sat for a good long time because there were six cop cars, two ambulance and a fire truck blocking our car.


Thank you Hot Fireman for giving us something to look at…



Love my girl… Intenso, that’s her


(Oct 04 2014 03-56 AM)Canon Canon EOS 5D Mark II(5616x3744)1249607



(Oct 03 2014 09-16 PM)Canon Canon EOS 5D Mark II(5616x3744)

Fall garden…

(Oct 03 2014 09-15 PM)Canon Canon EOS 5D Mark II(5616x3744)

(Oct 03 2014 09-28 PM)Canon Canon EOS 5D Mark II(5616x3744)599367

(Oct 04 2014 03-39 AM)Canon Canon EOS 5D Mark II(5616x3744)1110983




I heart fresh garden carrots…



T1-(Oct 03 2014 09-19 PM)Canon Canon EOS 5D Mark II(5616x3744)



Frank, the Halloween cat.


Mushrooms grow like crazy in my yard. I need a mushroom book…



Beach morning with Michelle, Dante and Lola…



Happy Birthday Andee! Thanks for the cake.



Autumn walk in the woods with my two favorites…

















Happy Stress Awareness Day, Loves! I am aware of stress, how about you?

I miss and love all of you!


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