I Wouldn’t Say I Was Entirely There…

So, our journey begins the day after Halloween…





We drove to the Cape in the pouring rain…

I still got chowder and a bloody mary, and there wasn’t any traffic, that is a win.




Ground cherry jam. If you like jam, you’d like this. It is unique.

I loosely followed this recipe. I also added cinnamon, and vanilla, and used part honey, part maple syrup. I added hot peppers to a couple…

I’m in love with the color, so early fall.


First snow…

I still think of Josh O’shea, every first snow day… For years we’d go out to celebrate, in a rather large way, the first snow of the year.




My in-law’s neighborhood is my new favorite place, early November.













Can you spot the Liberty Bell??

We got there, saw the line, said F that, and went on our way…

The line is in the front, the bell is around back, but it’s in front of a big window.

I did see it, that’s enough for me, I’m simple.


Independence Hall…












Bloody’s and grilled cheese, best lunch!






Ha! Anthony…





















I never got a cheesesteak, that made me sad, like this blob of putty.



Murder capitol of the country… sweet.


The Columbus flea market, my favorite…


You wan my chicken say “cheese”!?

(Don’t worry, that wasn’t suppose to make sense.)























Pure class…







Huge, HUGE Thank You! to our Thanksgiving Day hosts… The food was fantastic, and so was the company.




The End.

Happy International Mountain Day, Loves!


5 thoughts on “I Wouldn’t Say I Was Entirely There…

  1. So.many.comments: I was just this morning wondering when I was going to see a post from you. Excellent timing m’dear!
    In J’s “classy” pic, I see Santa potential in those rosy cheeks, and in that at beard & smile. Just sayin’.
    And I LOVE the disdain in the turkey pic. You’re the best!

  2. Helllllooooo! Im just going to assume the wrought iron and left hand pics were you saying hi to me!!!! I am so behind on calling you….. maybe this weekend, ugh, holiday signs keeping me slammed:) xo

    1. One of the ways I say Hi! We will chat someday, don’t stress, I know you’re busy. I’m going to make your present on Sunday and mail it out asap. I want you to have it by Christmas for a change.

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