The Key to Happiness…

…is regular bursts of sunshine, surrounding your existence with only the highest quality of people and good food.

The rest just seems to fall into place.

Not that I’m not looking forward to those afternoons full of black rain clouds, rain falling so fast it won’t stay in the gutters and thunder that sets off car alarms.

Those spring storms are on their way. I hope to be sitting in my new sun porch by the time the first raindrop hits.

I have been daydreaming a lot lately about my future…  cupboard space, loads of pantry space to fill with jars and jars of whatever I can stop eating long enough to can, root cellar, number of windows with bright white trim,  guest bedroom, a huge drop in the number of discarded lottery tickets on the sidewalks, short distance to the ocean, finding the perfect bike with a basket for Wynn (if I have to sew her ass in to keep her from jumping out, I will). And my plot… Words can’t express my excitement!

I have my list of everything I want to grow. It’s very long.

I’m sooo excited for this next chapter in our lives to start.

Right now I’ve hit that spot everyone finds themselves in when they realize they would rather burn their current house down than stomach moving again.

I just got all the pictures taken of our current house for our landlord to post in hopes of finding the next perfect occupants. The pictures portray a spacious, clean and bright  condo ready for Mr. and Mrs. “Smith” to move in and make a home… In all actuality anything other than the room I was photographing looked like a war zone. I would just haul everything that made the picture look cluttered out of the field of view; I can stage a photo…

I have been informed that Lola (upstairs neighbor dog) and Wynn wish to go for a walk. It is 55 degrees and the sun is shining, I’m all for taking advantage of that! I’ll be back… (I wonder if there is a soul alive who doesn’t hear Arnold’s voice in their head when reading that line…?)

Key West was fabulous. I love traveling to new places… it’s a bonus when that place happens to be surrounded by water.

We decided early on to drive the 3700 miles. You have to really love someone to travel far distances with them in a car. Books on tape (actually books on CD… but that doesn’t have as nice of a ring to it) are a necessity.

I packed all our meals for the way down, we ate well.

The way back was another story…

Sorry mom, I had to use the F word to explain the magnitude…

I very much like the idea of spicy dark chocolate, however in this case “dark” is a slight exaggeration.

Show me your bruschetta!

I had a five minute conversation with this guy while trying to borrow their salt. He thought I was his waitress, I wondered why he kept bringing up bruschetta. I did gather that they all had a very large time on the booze cruise they went on that afternoon…Fun Lovers!

Great place for a mani…

This was our first slice of key lime pie in Key west… big smile!

Pina coladas are brilliant!

The only thing better than being on vacation, is being on vacation with friends…

He’s a child…

“I’m just too excited to choose!”

Late night walk on the beach with my favorite…

Of course I found a thrift store, the woman behind the counter was a doll.

The wedding was a glorious event. We had an absolute blast!

Individual key lime pies… um, yes!

Yep, right where I left it… an hour earlier.

We stayed with friends in Orlando on our way home. I missed the Leon Melvin family…

Some day he will turn into a chicken.

I can’t wait until you come visit us! We don’t have armadillos… Thanksgiving (that isn’t actually on Thanksgiving (you know what I mean)) Is a nice time to visit Boston… I will make sure I have eggs.

Thanks for letting us crash!

We didn’t eat so well on the way home, Cracker Barrel and DQ, I felt like such shite when I got home… In my defense, I haven’t had a chicken fried steak in a thousand years. I’m convinced they don’t even have white gravy in New England. Fascist bastards!

It was good.

So we spent close to a hundred dollars on the road faxing, scanning, printing… Not fun. I believe I did voice my opinion on buying a house while on vacation… We are waiting for the bank assessment, that’s the last big hurdle. Then I will order seeds.

Thats a lot of miles in 12 days.

My neighbor is a peach! Cannoli and a brand new meat thermometer, welcome home to me!

The bride made hot sauce for party favors for the reception. One problem, everyone who flew couldn’t get them back; so they all rode home with us. One of ours is almost gone… so so good. My husband put it on spaghetti.

I know you’ve heard this a thousand times but Tamiko, you should sell your hot sauce.

We should have a “come get your sauce and get sauced” party…

Back to 30 degree weather and East Boston… bla.

Cheers to the bride and groom! We love you both!!!!

Don’t forget to howl at the moon tomorrow Loves!


6 thoughts on “The Key to Happiness…

  1. Mike got me the ‘sunshine’ sign for our ‘wood’ anniversary :) Happy ‘soon to be’ congrats on the new digs!!!!

  2. Lady love, I love your pictures, and that you came & that you had a good time. Fingers crossed on the house &, really, if I sold the hot sauce what ever would I give away to all youse?!

  3. Loved having you guys as well! The pics are awesome, Barb! You are my favorite photographer. Nice work. You supply the eggs, I’ll supply the labor.

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