It’s the first day of spring! And it’s beautiful out… After I finish this, Wynn and I are off to spend the afternoon downtown.

I see my afternoon under a tree reading the first of four gardening and preserving books I ordered last week while my dog greats everyone who walks by. It’s only suppose to be 52 today, but the sun is out and the wind isn’t blowing. Good enough for me….

I’m still spending most of my free brain space on garden planning. I look at the one picture I have of my future plot over and over again.

It’s going to be so fantastic!

We ate lunch at the beach the other day… On a quilt my grandmother made. It’s the best outside blanket.

This lovely lady made it all the way back from Key West. It was on our  table at the reception… At one point in the evening she said, “Ya know, I’ve never been to Boston…”

My mom will be here in 17 days… I’m so excited!!!!

J has a couple classes he has to go to in Newburyport. We came along for the ride last week…

We dropped him off and headed to the beach. It was a great day…

We also found an antique store… and thrift sore.

I love that color…

I’m here to tell ya, (from first hand knowledge) champagne flutes you can’t set down until they’re empty, are a very bad idea.

We go through a lot of pineapple. I eat a ridiculous amount of fruit of any kind, but pineapple is one of my favs.

My guideline to choosing your perfect pineapple…

A ripe pineapple has more yellow towards the bottom and top. The bottom will go yellow before the top. The more yellow, the sweeter the fruit. You can also pull on a leaf from the middle and it should come out fairly easily.

My perfect pineapple: yellow on the bottom and green on the top. Sweet but with some sour. And if you pull on a leaf it won’t come out that easily, but it will come out (unlike all green ones where you have to pry a leaf out).

If all of them are green, grab one that looks like its starting to turn. Bring it home and set it in front of your window for a couple days.

I don’t cut the skin off I just cut it into fourths (and then into 1″ triangles) and eat it like watermelon.

I made corned beef a cabbage this year with brussels sprouts. I liked it, I like them both. Brussels sprouts are prettier.

And of course hash… Happy husband.

I’m so happy she’s getting her summer haircut tomorrow. She already gets too hot on walks. She just lays down in the shade and won’t move and so I have to pick her up and carry her home… Such crap.


Ya, I’m that excited.



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