Blogging from the Sunshine State…

At this very moment I am sitting poolside drinking bloody mary…

We had a magical evening last night celebrating the union of two of the most fantastic people I know… (more on that in my next blog)

I uploaded my latest images before I left. I figured I’d  have time to bang out something along the way. Now is that time…

Ok it wasn’t that time. My lunch came and I got sidetracked. It is now three days later. I am in Orlando sitting at our friends kitchen table… Whatever works I say.

Take it from me, don’t decide to buy a house while on vacation. It wasn’t our first choice but sometimes life works out that way. We got our P&S (purchase and sale) yesterday.  If everything keeps going along this line, I’ll have my very own plot by April fools day.

I’m still not allowing myself to get really excited until we have the keys in our hands. Home buying is a bitch!

Is it sad that I’m more excited about my future garden than my future house…?

We hurried an inspection through before we left. I got to go hang out in my future house Sunday morning.

This is one of my favorites… Even though it looks like it was painted by my five year old niece.

I take that back, we are genetically engineered in my family to pop out already knowing how to paint.

It looks like some random five year old painted it.

I am glad the house isn’t perfect though, how boring.

Just think how exciting it will be when the front porch falls off because the temporary jacks they put in however many years ago, give way. Good times!

And what did we find up there (other than the crumbling chimney) the original french doors. Big smile!

We went to beer wars the other night…

This beer

vs. this beer

The food was so so, but the beer was fantastic on both sides.

Good advice…

The sisters have bloomed again… They died a couple months ago on the same day and bloomed again on the same day.

I will miss the pier in Eastie. The random artwork always makes me smile, plus it’s a great place for Wynn to run off leash. And it’s by far the best view of the city.

Oh well… I choose a garden over a view of the city.

The artwork agrees…

The “belle” and it has a Christmas tree in the back… how perfect! She wanted to come home with me, I could tell. It’s possible that my husband would choke me until I quit kicking if I came home with a boat.

I am starting to see spring everywhere… Not that we had much of  a winter.

I didn’t realize joy was a registered trademark… hmmm.

Happy Vacation Day Loves!




One thought on “Blogging from the Sunshine State…

  1. Don’t fret about what the house IS. Dream about what it can become. The new house is a blank canvas waiting for your creative and artistic touch. Make it yours…….

    ”I paint objects as I think them, not as I see them.” – Picasso

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