Moving Forward…

We put an offer on a house…

This house.

It’s the first house we looked at. We haven’t looked at any other houses, that is/was tomorrow’s project.

I do have to admit, the rate at which we are moving forward in our home buying adventure is a bit unnerving. We looked at it last Thursday and put an offer in yesterday.

I am in love with this house… We wouldn’t be moving this fast for any old piece of rubbish. Sometimes you just get lucky.

We still may not get it, and I’m ok with that. Whatever is meant to be, will…. And it’s that simple.

A great way to spend Valentines Day… Not that we care too much for this particular holiday.

I just love this image…

I was dog sitting for my upstairs neighbor while she stole away for a weekend of frivolity in San Francisco.

I thank Lola for forcing me to appreciate the splendor of the early morning. It has caught on…

It does jump start your day when you get up and go for a walk first thing.

She was beyond excited to see Michelle…

And she brought me truffles… my favorite.

I am discovering a love for really good dark chocolate.

My christmas cactus has a bloom!

It’s kinda close to Christmas…

Happy garbage day loves!



One thought on “Moving Forward…

  1. Nice sign on that store. I do believe the Pats won the “Supper” Bowl…..BUT, the Giants won the SUPER Bowl.

    Dark chocolate and a fine, Portuguese Tawny Port. That combination borders on the erotic…

    Hope you’re well…………AMP

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