Don’t Look a Day Over 34…

It’s seven am and I’ve already been up for an hour. Yes I know, very unlike me. I kinda like it. It’s amazing how much I can get done before nine. I’ve been trying to turn myself into a morning person for years. Maybe this time it will stick…

They say for us nutty people, getting up early is better because more of your day is spent in daylight. I agree.

God love this woman… she gets it.

So I turned 34 since last we chatted. I have never been a huge birthday person (mostly because my day is at the end of January (with my ever present little black cloud)).

When I was younger I never had birthday parties with friends, I don’t remember that ever bothering me either. We had our birthdays over at my grandma’s house, just family. With cake made from a box and chocolate frosting that you could remove in one piece. Magical!

This year I spent my birthday hungover with a migraine. But with friends…:)

I had a blast with my girliefriends who came to visit. At 11:11 I jumped in the car to go pick them up and it was full on from then on.

This post may be a bit touristy, but when people come to Boston for the first time (especially from a state thats like 25 minutes old) they want to see old.

I have to say, the old gravestones are still my favorite.

Thank you Mother Goose for all your craziness. Your stories still haunt me.

Of course they have a much bigger monument for Paul Revere, I still like this one.

Having a star in your beer is a good omen… Ya I just made that up.

I have never been to the top of the Prudential building… Other than being able to feel the building move, it was amazing!

One thing I did had on the books while my friends were in town was a bachelorette party for one of my favorite Boston gals.

It was glorious! (And I use that word just for her.)

I like meeting successful, smart women who like to say fuck a lot. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Those were the best Cuban sandwiches in the world, not that I’ve ever been to Cuba and had authentic.

I want a fro in my next life, always have… I LOVE big hair. I’ve had many a talks with the coarse haired ladies and they all agree, be careful what you wish for. I don’t care, I’m throwing it out there.

LOVE me some escargot…

This little girl personally gave these birds diabetes…

She was there with her 15-ish year old brother who was so calm and quiet, feeding the birds so gently a little piece of bread at a time. The opposite of her. She was throwing cheerios at those birds as fast as she could. And then she would run over and dump cheerios on her brother. He just kept calmly feeding the birds and paying her no attention. After about ten minutes of this I happened to glance over just in time to see him throw a huge handful of cheerios right in her face. Made my day…

Chinese New Year parade…

She had so much fun… She couldn’t decide who she loved more, she just bounced between Alanna and Jaime the whole time.

She got a lot of attention; two dog lovers that were missing their dogs.

I went to my first Celtics game, it was so fun…

You’ll just have to imagine a picture, no cameras with interchangeable lenses allowed. They should be scared of the stellar images I would have produced and sold for a million dollars… with my 10-22 from the balcony.

I feel sure I’ve photographed that sign before…

You girls are the best! thank you, thank you, thank you! You made my birthday! Even though you bitches were the ones who gave me the hangover… See you in July!


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