Looking Back…

One year ago, we were in sunshine and warm weather.

My beautiful orchid we brought back with us from the wedding, is blooming like crazy. All the blooms fell off (along with my other orchid) when I moved them from the front porch, to my office window. I try not to take it personal when my orchids give me the finger. I still love them, like a mother loves a teenager.

Happy Anniversary Mr. and Mrs. Wags! I think you should get married again next year.


From our BIG snow…

We got some good snow days out of it.





Our rain gutters could not be any crappier if they were upside down.

They do make for beautiful icicles though.


Everyone needs sunshine.


I do not miss this… “There is a snowflake on the ground, it’s still my parking spot!”







Pants looking like he wants to eat my soul… cats, so much disdain.




I had a simply lovely, love day, with my love.

Needles, herbs, plastic bodies with removable parts, and a waiter who sounded exactly like Dr. Janosz Poha from the Ghostbusters. I kept waiting for him to come over and tell me everything I was doing was wrong.








My new indoor seed starting set-up. It’s going to be so cool!

I started my first set of seeds on Sunday, they’re germinating on my ironing board even as we speak.  Tomatoes, peppers, onions, parsley, celery and brussels sprouts. I just peaked and I have a brussels sprout poking through, and a few onions. They are so cute when they’re little…





I had an evil ol bat yell at me while taking these pictures. I’ve never had someone yell at me for taking pictures before. I wasn’t anywhere near her property, or disturbing her in any way. She just couldn’t understand why someone would be so close to the ground with a camera, therefore, she wanted to destroy me… and my little dog too. I stayed an extra special long time on that sidewalk, cause that was the kind of mood I was in. Mean people suck.




Banana chips are the best!


Quick hair trip to New Hampshire.

The only thing I miss about long hair, going six months without a haircut.


I love everything about coffee, except the taste.





Another in my attempt to make the perfect sweet potato chip. Deep fried in coconut oil. Tasted good, still not crunchy.


I love getting what I can off etsy. Why, you ask?

Because of this…


and this.


Great people who own small businesses and take the time for finishing touches.

Cheers to you!


Oh! I went and looked at my first studio spaces. They were no where near what I has looking for, I had the best time!

This is the only element out of three spaces that turned my head.  It was like looking at someone wearing a plain, generic, 1990’s pant suit with red frye t-straps… The wall was beautiful, but it couldn’t save the outfit.

My perfect space is out there…


Happy 40 Joe! It actually is your birthday today.

We had a great time celebrating with everyone.

Melissa, you make me smile.




Matty being the best Godfather ever…



Happy cold, windy, dark, miserable f-ing day Loves!

Come on Spring!


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