Closer to 40…

There is 2 feet of snow outside… Part of me wants to go photograph and the other part wants to jump on a plane and go to Belize. I spend so much time in my house, I live here and work here.  I kinda feel trapped at the moment.

Instead, I will post images from my birthday; walking around in 59 degree weather, in my favorite city.


We stayed here…

My husband planned the whole thing. I love being married to someone who knows how pleasant I become when stuck doing something I don’t want to be doing, but still has the confidence to surprise me,  knowing full well I do not like 99% of all surprises either. He’s a keeper.

The Liberty is a fantastic place! For all of you who don’t know about this marvelous place, it used to be the prison.




Best of all, they are Wynn friendly. I love dog lovers!

Every Wednesday night in the summer they have doggie courtyard night. Have a drink and surround yourself with pooches. Oh yes, that will happen this summer, often!

The Liberty is right across the street from the MGH T stop (our lovely T is also dog friendly) so really, it’s the perfect Wednesday night date. Win Wynn!




Yeah, I know it’s out of focus. You can’t win em all.

We ate and drank like kings, and never left the building. Simply perfect if  your birthday lands at the end of January.

We stayed the night of the 29, so tecnically it was not my birthday yet. We celebrated my mother’s birthday instead… She would have passed on the oysters. Oh, but they were soooo good, probably the best I’ve ever had.



Red Snapper is my favorite fish, and guess what happened to be the special that night….?

The Mr. had an unagi, sweet potato and fig pizza. A very happy J.

Our scenery while waiting for the elevator, not bad at all…




My actual birthday was perfect. The weather was unseasonably warm, so we took a very long stroll around Beacon Hill. (At what distance does a stroll cease to be a stroll, or does it have more to do with the speed in which you are walking?)





Birthday cake: salted caramel and gluten free chai tea cupcakes. So friggin good.



Made my soul sing…




I believe this is the wave that filled my boots with water…


I got spoiled with presents…



Thankfully Wynn got new shampoo and conditioner for my birthday, she was a complete disaster after walking around the melting city.


This is my oldest treasure from childhood. My parents bought me this mug in Canada when I was four. I use it all the time and it still looks new.

I drink a lot of tea… I’m actually drinking some now.





We headed to Harvard sq. so the Mr. could get more work done on his tattoo.

I do love his number one ink gal… She is a groovy chic and amazing at her job,






What do you do to get more medium chain fatty acids into your diet…?

This is J’s new love. Coffee with grass fed butter and organic coconut oil.

Don’t scoff until you try. If I liked coffee, I’d be all over this. I did try them in hot chocolate and it was amazing!

Give it a whirl and see what you think.



Happy Snow Day Loves!!!!

I will post some winter wonderland photos in the near future.


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