Blue Camping…

Hello, Loves…

I’m trying to get this done because one of my best friends will be here TOMORROW!!

A group of us went up to Tahoe. The same group as last time. It’s a thing now…

We decided on a hike the first day… Actually, the guys repaving the road outside the cabin made the decision for us.

Brianna posing with her tree that she ran straight into… Beauty AND grace.


The princess found a worthy perch.

This was the best key lime pie I’ve ever had. I thought it was my birthday…

This goose was an asshole. That kid behind him was kinda one too…

More infrared…

This little guy tried to hide from me.

Jalapeno sauerkraut.

A’s game on the third of July…

(She was trying to catch popcorn in her mouth.) Our entertainment while waiting in line to get to the field.

Waiting for the fireworks to start.

The coldest winter I ever spent, was the summer in San Francisco.  – Mark Twain

This quote goes through my mind a lot while I’m out walking in full winter gear, in July.

Craft night at the salon.

Spider vs. fly. The fly did not win.

Carrot blossom.
Mom- these are what I was telling you about…

I have one volunteer tomato plant. It’s a tough bugger. I don’t have the heart to pull it. It has never in its life gotten water.

Same waterfall… My image is much cooler.

I’ve never met an oyster I didn’t like, until now. It was the kind that convinces you that you are going to get food poisoning the minute you chew it up. (I didn’t.) I guess I’m an east coast oyster snob.

National Donut Day! We drove over to Walnut Creek to one of the two Dunk’s we know of in this area.

Blue camping… We got up close to our camp before I realized I only had one memory card. Two cameras, one card. So naturally I chose the infrared. There was only a couple times I wished for my regular camera.

My garnet. I carry it around in my pocket most days.

Yes, I know, I was in a campground… It’s hard to camp within four hours of here and not be stuck in one, especially this time of year. And, of course everyone wants to escape the rat race. So we smile and enjoy the family who is also a bluegrass band, one camp over.

And the soft penny tootsie rolls at the convenience store within walking distance.

Tiny moon.

(King-  I thought about crawling across, but I didn’t think my knees could handle it.)

Molting cicada, or the stuff nightmares are made of…

Not sure if it’s an infrared thing, but I get some crazy lens flare that I don’t seem to get with my regular camera. Makes me think of Anthony every time.

Homemade Ramen with bone broth, rehydrated jerky and mushrooms.

Our camping game is becoming strong.

Yes, our first aid kit get used.

This tree came tumbling down the cliff, and brought several boulders with it.

Putah Creek Cafe, go there. We only had two things, but I bet everything is fantastic. Attention to detail, my favorite.

And that is ketchup, not mayo, in that container…

It’s National friendship week. So, this is me sending my love to all my friends around the country.
LOVE LOVE LOVE you all!!


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