King Virgo


I have several clients who are extra special.

Ruth is one of them, I cherish every second with her.

From her garden… The light is always beautiful there.

Flowers from another client/friend… they were not dead when I got them.  I actually like the look of dead flowers as much as live.

I did not mean to do this, I was actually in a hurry when I poured them … Since I’m not nearly as disastrous as I used to be, I feel like my guardian angel sends me little gifts to reward me for a lighter work load.
I do appreciate symmetry.

King came to visit!!
She is my person.
I miss her everyday.

Beers with Peter.
San Francisco is not my thing, we rarely go, but its fun when friends come to town.
Zeitgeist is a must.


Wine for her.

Beer for me.

Wine is not really my thing.

Thanks for the fun!

End of term party. Nine down, two to go…

Chicken fried steak, and corned beef hash and eggs, on the same menu, on the west coast! That made our day.


Oh yes, and hash browns… My second favorite potato.

We were compatible hiking companions. He appreciated the frequent stops.

Bears DO shit in the woods…

Birthday lemon bars.

I’m glad he was born.

Birthday surprise… Last minute work trip to SF for Sonny.

We missed each other before he left for his first day.
After works…
First day, term 10.

Lady Sybil.

These flowers will always remind me of my mom. When we moved here, my mom drove out with us. They were growing wild everywhere.

Have a magical weekend, Loves…




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