I’ve Been Off The Dry Shampoo For Two Weeks Now…

Happy Summer!!

We don’t have a lot going on at the moment.
I’m actually kinda loving the simple of our life right now.  No trips other than camping planned until the fall.

Work and school.

Two out of the three things on this plate came out of my garden…
I’m now over my garden. I’m done growing things here. It’s too frustrating. I want a huge, overwhelming garden that produces enough to support us, give to my friends, sell… Dumping 200 dollars worth of water on plants so I can get two meals of peas and 8 raspberries, isn’t doing it for me.  And with us only really being here another year-ish, I’d rather spend my energy in other ways.

I do dream about my future plot everyday…
Our next move will hopefully be it, or at least for a good long time. I say hopefully because I can’t say whether or not my husband will love Montana like I love it. I have that love you only get from being born and raised in a place. It certainly has its flaws, but what place doesn’t…?

Peter’s friend, Boswell came for a visit from Tanzania. He is a gentle soul. I enjoyed meeting him a lot.

I got one of my camera bodies converted so it can only read infrared light. I have been wanting to do this for YEARS! The only catch is that you have to dedicate a camera body. It will never again read light like a regular camera. But it’s totally worth it!! And since one of my most awesomest friends sent me a camera body for my birthday… I couldn’t think of a more perfect use for it.

These images are what they look like straight out of the camera. I haven’t played with them much in photoshop…

Our eyes can’t detect infrared light, so this is kind of a hidden view of the world.

Creepy fire face.

It sees through most sunglasses.

Sunshine day with the girls…

We’ve been talking a lot about the exiting of this part of our lives. And even though at times I’ve loathed this place like no other, I have made some lifelong friends, and I am going to miss them terribly.

We had a birthday for Elon’s partner (I say that because I live in Berkeley and it makes me giggle). She can be a bit of an emotionally crazy person, so when telling stories of said craziness, she says, “Poor Kyle” a lot. We decided it should be the theme of the party.

We had one firework left from the three we ended up with two, Fourth of July’s ago. Tequila Sunrise: it was bigger than the black cat and sparkler, so we didn’t know what to expect. It sat in our house for two years waiting for the right moment. There were people running around backing up like it was going to shoot 50 feet in the air. My stomach hurt from laughing, it was worth the wait.

And, this is the point where it turned into a frat party.

This perfectly sums up Kory, the newest member of the Aya team… Or CoCo Loco as we’ve renamed him. When he drinks he turns into a combination of a Sassy Black Woman, Big Daddy off the Golden Girls, and a 4 year old with ADD.
Dinner and a show.

Happy Simplicity Day!
I didn’t even know there was such a day! Brilliant!!

Simplicity is what I strive for in all areas of my life. My brain will not do chaos, I turn into the worst part of myself when faced with it.
Calm, Calculated, Fluid, Simple.
The lack of, is what I feel is wrong with most of this world.

Keep it Simple, Loves…



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