Do Small Things With Great Love…

I should have had these up ages ago. I suck.


I still think of you all, and this day so often…


A magical California day one year ago…

Paige… (Fearless leader number one.)


I knew with every fiber of my being, that I had to sign up for this “retreat”. Then the day came and I almost had a nervous breakdown… Why did I choose to do this?? Hanging out in a group of women I don’t know, how horrifying!

In the end it was exactly what I needed.

I have few words to describe this day. Nothing seems adequate. I’ll just leave it in pictures.








Nici… (Fearless leader number two.) This is her lovely corner of the web.










Joe, our stellar chef who cooked for us all day…
















_MG_7389On my way home the universe was sending me all sorts of little gifts: this sign, a man playing ragtime jazz on the street corner, beautiful light, laughing people everywhere … My path seemed to be smiling._MG_7403

I miss all you ladies… I will forever remember our day.

I wouldn’t mind a reunion…?


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