You’re An Idiot…!

You know that part in ‘How the Grinch Stole Christmas’ where he gets the echo back “you’re an idiot”? Thats what I hear in my head every time I do something less than smart.

It’s always a good day when these two come to visit…

What do you see…?  Will you please put it in the comments? I’m curious.

I promise I won’t tell your shrink.

We meet again, Man with the jingly bracelets…  And cowboy boots.

No one human should be allowed to make that much noise when they move.

I have never seen a slug that big. It was mesmerizing. I needed the Mr.’s size 13’s for scale.

The roses are blooming all over this area. We can’t walk more than a couple houses before stopping again.

Makes me miss my mom.

I have volunteer potato plants that pop up every once in a while. I dig them up when I need the space for something else. Or, I move them. I usually get enough potatoes for a meal. Another vegetable that you can tell a huge difference when you eat it straight out of the garden…

Concord grape…

We went shopping (not a common practice in our household).

We didn’t find what we were looking for. But, we found Dunkies.

They are pretty hard to find out here… It made his day.


Peppers above, cucumbers below.

Some of my volunteer potatoes. And a round carrot.

King! Do you remember this shirt!? (Of course you do, you remember everything.) It dates back to my sophomore year of high school (1993). My second oldest kept article of clothing. Next to a sweet pair of pink and purple flowered shorts I made in jr. high home-ec. (That I also still wear.)

And a shit-ton of sage.

My peas seem pleased with their situation. I accidentally found that if you don’t crowd them, they are much happier. One plant per 18″ seemed the magic number (I know, crazy).

Happy Lost Sock Memorial Day, Loves.

And, Happy Teacher Appreciation Day… We have a lot of those in our circle. (And yet, we are not so smart.)



2 thoughts on “You’re An Idiot…!

  1. Mr. Gets his dunkies gene from his dad. Love your flower pics. Miss you guys.

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