More Outside…

Eating good food with good people is always the highlight of my day. Especially when it’s oysters. Rachelle, (co-worker, also going to acupuncture school (not the same one as J)) and I went to SF to get oysters at her favorite spot… The oysters were good. My clam chowder is better. I miss Boston a little.


We didn’t see one person for two full days, it was glorious.

Yup, he reads to me. I am spoiled. And my dog is the cutest.

Our backyard…

Greek salad, in my grandmother’s pie pan.

On a blanket made by my best friend.

I do love my things…

My garden is taking off…

The lettuce is tasty. That squash plant has turned out to be a bit of a bitch, it may get yanked this weekend.

Concord grape… and more lettuce.


First day, term six/first day in the herb room. (I was there getting a treatment, I don’t follow my husband to school.)

First clinic shift. He is now sticking needles in people other than his classmates.

And he looks good doing it.

My beautiful client, Ruth, has turned me onto fava beans. She assured me that they were worth looking past that scene in Silence of the Lambs that inevitably pops into your head when hearing their name.

She was right. We had them in pasta and they were the perfect addition.

Ruth also gave me some seeds for scarlet runner beans. They are just starting to come in.

All the plants I started for the Garden Club plant sale. I was happy to get them out of my yard. Plants that spend too long in starter pots become needy.

June is Great Outdoors month. I strongly suggest you do. Great things happen outdoors…

Love and miss you all…


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