The Inbetween…

I’ve missed you… All I’ve wanted to do is hang out outside, which is the opposite of sitting inside on the computer.

Tomato number one. They are still coming in fairly regularly. It’s suppose to be in the 70’s the next couple weeks. Everything (myself included) will appreciate a little sunshine for a change. I can’t live in 60 degree “summers” it’s depressing.


The fourth of July, forever ago… Good food and fireworks, thats all I ever want…


I can’t remember if I introduced you Elon, her and I started at the salon around the same time.









Here is my beautiful squash plant about 20 seconds before it got powdery mildew and died. The East Bay and squash don’t seem to go together. Good thing I started eight more…


My garden is completely different from these pictures. I took out all the underproducing  plants, and replanted. What I have going on now… pumpkins, butternut squash, crooked neck squash, lemon squash, red and yellow beets, carrots, three kinds of lettuce, tomatoes, five kinds of peppers, potatoes, watermelon… We’ll see! For the next three plus years, I will not have to tuck my garden away for the winter. I get to just keep planting…







Rocket, our weekend guest.




I snipped the ends off my squash plants, so they could put all their effort into ripening the already existing fruit, instead of trying to produce more. It looked lovely in my window for a couple weeks, a flower would bloom every so often…


Have a great holiday weekend, Loves! I will be gardening. Like usual…


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