I Like Cake…


I’ve moved around a lot in the last 20 years. “Home” has taken on many meanings… Montana will always be home, in some form.



Day with BFF number 1… PBR and oj. I am back in MT.





My dad is scaling back a bit. He built a smaller shop next to the house. It’s a good move. We spent a day unwinding the old shop. I only fell off the ladder once…



Day with BFF number two…

She started this asparagus three years ago, it’s been in a pot at their apartment  until they started building their house. First ever sprout! I was grateful to witness the birth…







I really try to get chicken fried steak every time I go back. It is my ultimate comfort food. And surprisingly hard to find outside MT. Yes, that is a soup bowl full of extra gravy.


This is where day with BFF number three would be, if she didn’t live in ND.


The Billings farmers market is by far one of my favorite events… And I’m always there with family, which makes it even better.


I talk about Bob’s garden a-lot. If there is a heaven, it would resemble Bob’s garden. I went out there almost every day I was home. I can’t put into words how much I love being there.















Left over fireworks from our wedding….





My grandma’s roses growing in my mom’s garden.


My sister’s cross. We try to do a little spiff-up when I’m back…



Until we meet again….



Back in CA…


I sat staring at this spot for an hour, after a very long trip back. So close, yet so far away… At least I got to sleep in my own bed that night.




J completed his first year of school. His friend Wags gave him a trio of scotch, one bottle for the end of each year. Bottle number one down…







My mom loves this creepy little man, I miss her already…


I’m getting acupuncture every Tuesday. I feel all pro-active and stuff…






Dirt day part two…. My beds are very happy.






Tomorrow the Mr. and I celebrate number six. It is also “One Hit Wonder Day”, that makes me giggle a bit.


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