I mastered bread, then once again I remembered it’s bad for us. If I wasn’t a butter junkie… Fresh bread is the ultimate butter delivery mechanism.




Yoga with the Mr.

We are getting very close to living car free. Soon.


There is a lemon/lime/orange tree steps from or house. They just let them drop and rot, so I have no problem rescuing a few.

Isn’t that the most beautiful orange…? It tasted beautiful too.


These trees belong in a cartoon, like Rainbow Bright.







Aren’t cosmos the happiest flower…? Those, and daises.

The ones I planted are dancing all over the place.


Wild, tame blackberry.


My artichoke no longer looks like this, I had to cut it off at the base due to aphids, they give me the willies like no other. (Stay tuned to see if it grows back.)





Tiny rose bush.




Goji berry bush.




Yay for visiting friends! Matt and Becca were in town from Boston.






And they brought just pulled out of the ocean, salmon…





Bowling with the work crew…








Garden Club…

I’m beginning to realize that my outings involve either garden club or work friends.


Early for work, sunshine… as “selfie” as I get, it’s even a dumb word.

Work is flowing with way more ease. The level of anxiety surrounding it is dissipating. I think I picked a great spot to spread my coiffure love around.






Her days are numbered…


We spent the solstice together, which is rare… the solstice and getting to spend a whole day together.

We knew these days were coming…. we appreciate the time we do get. Like right now, he’s sitting next to me making flashcards… I love holidays.



That cucumber is the first thing I pulled out of my garden.

Gardening makes me happy.


Saying goodbye to another work friend. Celine is moving back to Switzerland.


She’s the beauty in the middle…











The word sassy, is sassy…


Happy Fourth, Loves!!

I get to eat potato salad, and hamburgers, and watermelon. and cookie salad! And, maybe see a firework or two. Perfect.




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