Dead Ravens and Baby Pigeons…

I have read that neither dead ravens or baby pigeons exist, I have seen both since last we chatted…



J and his classmates get together on the last day of (or shortly after) finals, to decompress…











The Mr. came to the Garden Club Spring Tea with me, he’s a good sport.






Happiness is outdoor space.




More work girls…. You’ve met Cami. The flamingo lover is Whitney, the only extrovert in our little sea of homebodies. We work in neighboring stations three out of our four shifts, she’s one of my favorites. She makes me miss day drinking…





In the last post I was yacking about needing to get done so we could get to the city, this was that night…

Hole in the wall with Peter.


And jazz.



Cutting class…


My back yard was bare when we moved in, then it rained all winter…






First day, third trimester.


DIRT DAY!!!! It ranks up there with Christmas.


A perfect soul, I’m grateful to have her in my life…

We met in photo school. We now live 50 minutes apart.








From one of my clients. She didn’t even know they were my favorite.

People can be so beautiful.


Sad to see one of our crew moving on. Goodbye fellow meatball lover…




This was good in theory, I think it fried my seeds, nothing but the pumpkins germinated.



My first strawberry…



Dog stroll with friends…



Before and  after… kind of.  The veggies are in, everything else can be done while they grow. Please don’t judge the white trash look we have going on.





Tomorrow (or today, depending on when you read this) is National Chocolate Ice Cream Day. And so I will.

It is also this firecracker’s birthday…


I have the best, best friends.



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