Were You A Ballerina When You Were Younger…?

We are staying in the city tonight, I have a class tomorrow that will be much easier to get to if I’m already over there… Plus, we need it.

We are meeting Peter for noodles and beer.

So! I will get this done before I leave.


I have mostly always lived where there were four seasons.

From what I can tell, here there are two, spring and summer. Spring started two months ago.

There are blooms everywhere, so many I have never seen…





Happy very late day of Love…


Dinner prepared by my love…









This adorable man was giving a bonsai demonstration at garden club, I wanted to take him home with me.







Flowers from the Mr.




Trip into the city to see Kevin, who was over for business.








Brunch with Jane and her family. (One of J’s classmates.)



I really like her.


And of course with two acupuncturists in the house, there was a lot of tongue diagnostics.






Cicada “protein”.

J ground them up and put them in protein bars. I tried the ones with cricket flower, I couldn’t do the cicada, I am weak…





I very much miss my family on Easter.
























Hairdressers hardly ever get their hair done, it’s the nature of the beast.

It just makes it that much more enjoyable when it does happen.


Cami… soon to be our newest stylist.




Hillary, my “boss”. She grew up in a beauty salon, her mom was a hairdresser as well…




Our yearly St. Pat’s corned beef and cabbage hash. I like that we have traditions.


Beach time with Peter….



My favorites…



Al Fresco makes my day.



He still brings me flowers…


I’ve been making bread.

I don’t think bread is a great addition to my diet, however, I start to loose my mind when I go strict meat and veg. I figured homemade bread is ok now and then. I make enough dough at the beginning of the month for a small loaf a week. Warm homemade bread with butter has a crack-like affect on me, hence the one loaf a week.





I believe every month to be garden month, but April is officially garden month.

I shall work on my plot Monday. My soul has been missing the dirt.

Happy day after April Fools Day, Loves…


2 thoughts on “Were You A Ballerina When You Were Younger…?

  1. Absolutely love all the flowers…will never eat bugs no matter how much protein they have, but would eat a loaf of bread a week! ( especially if it is homemade). Miss you guys!

  2. Flower pictures are gorgeous, so glad it is spring here too! Espcially liked the wisteria, I “stole” some pods from my neighbors bush, and am hoping I can make them grow this spring!

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