Wide Birth…

I started out my 37th trip round with oysters, great friends, and bowling… And, one of the many crazy storms to hit Boston in the winter of 2015.

The last day of 37 was spent with the St. Louis symphony and key lime pie in Berkeley, California.

37 was a year of changes…


J and I met in St. Louis… it’s where we honeymooned. It’s one of my favorite places to visit.


I’m like a little kid at the symphony, bouncing up and down in my chair with a shit-eating grin on my face.

(I forgot my camera that night, this was taken with my horrid iPhone camera…)


38 started with rainbows on the ceiling (a welcome change from the usual cloudy mornings) a walk with my favorite two, and laundry.

And… actually picking up my camera, I spent the last two months hardly touching it. My overall mood is directly related with how much I’m gardening and photographing. I was doing neither… you get the picture.


38 shall be the year of…



Back to December…


I finally got to tame the beast… the last photo with it long.




Our Christmas movie list: Scrooged, Die Hard, Elf, Love Actually, Christmas Story, Lethal Weapon, Harry Potter (the first one). And a handful of others that I usually watch by myself while puttering around the house in December.


Montana for Christmas…


Beautiful view. Sucky roads.



Heaven will include my mom’s blueberry muffins…


My new shelf! That is still not hung.



I made this when I was maybe eight…-ish.


Birds from Grandma Ruth.


Anne’s reindeer.


Jeanne’s sled.


It was a beautiful drive… One we will not be taking again in winter.




Back home…









Second, first day of school.



My sister Jeanne (because she’s awesome) gave me an amaryllis for Christmas. It just got done blooming… I love the color.


Acupuncture Points. I find those stickers everywhere…


There are so many spring flowers right now. I find it kinda awesome to see an iris blooming in January.





Hair class…

I’m loving my job. It is taking up a lot of head space still. I fall asleep thinking about color formulas.

Everything is starting to click, and that is a beautiful thing.


Lunch with my friend/co-worker… She started at the same time as me, and also just moved from the east coast. We take a lot of classes together, Groovy chick.

















This is a rosemary bloom. I never saw one until I moved here, it was never a perennial anywhere I’ve lived.



Yup, the Mr. is a badass.


We bought power ball tickets. We look at it as cheap entertainment. We got a full 24 hours of highly entertaining daydreaming for four dollars. You can’t even rent a movie for that price.



Two of my co-workers: Monica, (left) a little Mexican spitfire who already knows way more about hair than I do, and Rachelle, (one of our two estheticians) a gentle soul who brings sunshine wherever she goes.

I’ll introduce you to them all at some point in the next five plus years…





Wynn fell in love with this gal, her name is Crystal, she is from South Dakota (I found that out after Wynn headed in her store and behind the counter to get to her). I have never seen my dog react to a person like that. She was incredibly happy inside this store.  We stayed and visited a bit, good energy.



Happy Year of the Monkey! Monkeys…

It’s also Kite Flying Day. Where I live, it is a perfect day to fly a kite. Sunny and 72. 11 mph wind, probably a bit more at the water…

I think we’ll go to the beach today…


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