My Beard is Majestic…

Back on the first day of fall, I was drinking sangria, that I do remember…



The Mr. and I celebrated number five in our usual manner, although we stayed local, no trip this year…





Our friend Peter received this for his 21 birthday…

We were honored to be included in it’s drinking, almost 20 years later.


Twenty years is a long time, you would smell it too…

It was good.



Onto the eclipse…




We have a little dog beach less than a mile from our house, it’s a great place to watch the sun set…









We watched two extra shih tzu’s for a couple days, they are so sweet. Not as playful as Wynn would have hoped.



Sometimes you just need a burger and fries…



J and I’s first official Thanksgiving! Of our eight Thanksgivings spent together, we never got to have it on the actual day, J always had to work.

We had friends, neighbors, and a 27 pound turkey. Might have gone overboard a bit on the turkey… I do love turkey.

And, I still don’t have a picture of a beautifully browned, cooked turkey, just my usual creepy uncooked shot. Next year…

I miss her… The smell of butter and cooking chicken reminds me of her. One of my only regrets in life is that I didn’t get to know my grandparents as an adult.



I finally got a job! Even though there are 100 salons within two miles of my house, there were very few that fit my needs. Dark days at the Dejo house… (shudder… looking for a job sucks).

I did finally find one… It’s a mile from my house, so I can walk. It’s also an art gallery so I get a revolving supply of inspiration.



My station…


The salon Christmas party was last night… 70’s disco theme.

J is such a sport; polyester and hairspray.

The “majestic” beard… I get to trim it as my Christmas present… cheap ass.



Happy Cotton Candy Day, Loves!

And, Happy St. Nick Day, one day late…

Love and miss you all!


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