Summer: Take Two…

The Fourth on…



J’s parents were in Sheridan visiting his sister, so the folks and I headed over the border to have dinner with them…



Breakfast pie on top of a mountain…


The Ol’ boss from my Powell days…

We stopped by his place on the way back from Sheridan, it was so great to get back in touch with him. Still a character…



This look…


Bringing a whole lota  garden love to Ander-Tom’s…



My parents first trip to Yellowstone…



Yup, it’s just how I remembered it…







A little sushi date in the Magic City…



Camping on the bench…






We had the most phenomenal meals, I captured nothing…




Camping with the parents…












Another one of those 25+ year relationships. This one is a bit more on the crazy side.



On July 3, my parents were married 50 years… We waited until the end of July to celebrate.



We rented the same house we did for our wedding… It just fits our family perfectly.




















My happy place… Bob’s garden.













See you soon…




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