Summer: Take Three…

We left a couple days after the party, thee people, two cars and a shih tzu… And several books on tape.



It was a beautiful drive…


It took us three days to get to San Francisco… we took the long way.




It stopped on 22.00 exactly…






My mom’s first trip to the Atlantic… I have been there when she saw the ocean for the first time, on both coasts.











My first picture of the Golden Gate Bridge… pretty stellar!


This is when we were looking at the house for the first time…






View from our hotel…



Flying home from driving with my mom back to Montana…


Around the new neighborhood…









Our first trip into the city, after we got settled… enough.


And meeting up with a great friend…


Peter married us…







Root beer on tap… just for me.







The Mr. painting some our “new” furniture…





I lugged that heavy ass mirror 3000 miles only to have it break just before we got it hung. I loved that mirror… We were out with Rudy and Andee on the back roads of northern Mass a couple years ago, someone was having a garage sale… That was a great day. I kept the frame… and the bigger chunks of glass. I’ll do something cool with them.

But, I did get my witch ball hung!

It won’t be a day, but it won’t be two months… Next time, hopefully I’ll be able to tell you about my new job.

Vacation’s over, and I couldn’t be happier.

Friday is cheeseburger day, just so you know…



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