Nuestra Casa…

We started looking for a house in California before our Mass house was even on the market. We though it was going to be similar to when we moved to Boston from Virginia, fairly easy, and wrapped up long before we even finish packing our last box…

It was not… “Available now” and/or “no dogs” seemed to be the name of the game. We knew the perfect place would be ready when we needed it, we just had to be patient, and it was… It was the first place we looked at when we got to California, that happens to us a lot.


When we started looking back in late winter-ish, I had a checklist of all the things I wanted in a home: window above the kitchen sink, gas stove, big enough for a king sized bed, room for a little garden (even a few containers), lots of windows, good wall space for art, walking or biking distance to J’s school, DOG FRIENDLY… The more we looked the more uneasy I got, I started to cross things off my list… In the end, I just wanted a place that would take Wynn. I don’t need a bathtub, (or even a shower, we can just spray each other down with a hose) just allow my dog, and cost less than 2000…

We stayed positive, we knew the decision to move was the right one, so all the other pieces would fall into place, that’s how it works…

I am a very “things happen for a reason” and “it will all work out the way it’s supposed to” person. I trust in the universe (as I like to call it) and God (as my mom likes to call it) actually we just named it the Universal God when we talk to each other; I’m pretty sure they are the same thing. Anyway, I trusted we were headed down the our chosen path, but, I never expected this: I get a little freaked out by just how perfect things are working out; “freaked’ may be the wrong word, but I can’t find the right word.

It started with the house: everything that was on my original list of wants, was in the house… and it seemed to be waiting for just us. The ad was a bit deceiving, and the one picture (a crappy one) was of the front of the commercial space attached to our apartment. I don’t think anyone bothered to look at it. I wouldn’t have, my husband was the one pushing it…

So, here it is…

The table will go outside when we come across the perfect second-hand table to replace it.



Haven’t found a couch yet, the original plan was to go “Japanese style” but, that is not going so well… I guess the Japanese don’t like to lounge…


The sliding door leads out to a little patio, that leads out to the “backyard”. The door that leads from the patio out to the “backyard” (you will see why backyard is in quotes) has a little Wynn sized hole cut in it so I don’t have to unlock it every time she needs to go to the bathroom. The house even has things I never even knew I wanted.


Love the tile! And the shower/tub has a frosted window, so even the bathroom is nice and bright. Kari, remember the shower in Seattle? From then on, I wanted a window in my shower. That was on my list of wants, but at the very bottom, because how is that ever gonna happen…?


Big enough for a king sized bed! And then some… Bed frame is out there with the dining room table and couch. Floor is fine for now, Wynn loves being able to jump on there without help. The closet is huge! it holds all our clothes, shoes and Christmas stuff, and it’s wide enough to hang hangers! I wouldn’t have thought that was an issue before I living in Boston.


The back yard: holy shit… It resembles the rougher parts of Camden, NJ, but it’s space, and it will be beautiful someday… Enough room for me to garden and J to have an outside dojo of his very own. It’s also completely fenced in for Wynn. The sun position for gardening is perfect; all the wood I need to build beds is already back there (once I get the landlords to ok that I can use it).


I already planted a few things in containers: peas, cilantro, thyme, basil… I needed to, I was going nuts!

I will write more about the neighborhood soon, the neighborhood that is just as perfect as the house. Right now I have to finish this so we can walk a block to a bad-ass street fair that is going on… like I said, perfect.

Happy Sunday Funday!!



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