The Garden Schedule…

I have been outside every day since last we met…

That seems to be the trend this season, sunshine for 14 days, rain for five. I do get a lot done in those two weeks.

A welcome site…





















I’m in love with my new spoons… They from J’s grandmother and great – great grandmother’s collection.

They work perfect for eating kiwi, a rare and prized trait in a spoon.



It was bound to happen… I had 35 1/2 sparkle free years, not a bad run.


My sweet nephew/godson sent me tulips for Mother’s Day.  Ethan, you made my month!





The first ripe treasure of the season, we shared it last night… A perfect start.


I met a couple in our neighborhood that has the most beautiful garden. I photograph their flowers all the time on our walks. He started sharing… That is a shit-ton of chives!

This is from their garden, so is the purple columbine at the beginning. Something is always blooming…




#32… dust the disco ball.



They smell exactly the same… perfect.


Where’d you come from pepper…?

I have two of those, I have no idea what they are. I think that one is a cayenne and the other is a sweet of some sort.

They will be goodness, that’s all that’s important.




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