Sorry Baby. Pistol or Shotgun…?

I have been working on my plot  for the better part of 10 days; I have to take advantage of the sunshine.

The inside of my house is another story. I’ve managed to keep on top of the dishes, that’s about it. What a sty…

I have enjoyed the sunshine…


The Mr. is not excited by gardening…

But he loves me.


We have the best friends ever! Thanks for saving our marriage.




An oddly satisfying tool… we all have aggression.




  • 3 L red wine  (whatever is cheap)
  • 2 C gran marnier or triple sec
  • 2 C any flavor brandy
  • 1 can limeaid concentrate
  • 4 C tropical juice of some sort, or oj.
  •  Fruit – oranges, pineapple, mango, kiwi, grapes, berries… Whatever you can find.  Don’t leave lime wedges in there, it will turn bitter.
  • Soda water or ginger ale

This makes a lot, like a stock pot full. Divide the recipe as needed. Or just drink it for awhile…

Put everything except the bubbles in a huge pot and stir. Refrigerate… Stir a couple times in the next 24 hrs, mash fruit with a potato masher. (Only make this if you have at least 8 hours to let it meld… I usually make it the day before, it’s better the longer it sits)

I mash the fruit one last time and strain it out. Use a funnel and pour it in something easier to manage than a stock pot.

Serve cold with bubbles. Freeze halved grapes to use as ice cubes  ;)crafty.

I’m sitting here wondering if I put this recipe in here on an earlier post… hmmmm, I’m sure it’s changed.







I’ve started soaking my celery to get it to regrow. I don’t care if it gets any bigger, it’s adorable.








I have one snap pea that decided to make an appearance 2 weeks after the others. Take your own sweet ass time…











Lettuce and spinach.




Almost… I can’t wait!!









I just realized I forgot to photograph my absolutely amazing ice tea spoons. Next time…

I also missed wishing you all a Happy May Day… Happy May Day Loves!

I wish I could give you all strawberry twizzlers, pixie sticks and dum dum’s in a basket made out of salmon colored paper.



2 thoughts on “Sorry Baby. Pistol or Shotgun…?

  1. Not sure HOW I missed this, but as I went through the 100+ emails in my Inbox, there it was, between Costco Online-Only Specials and Marriott Club Rewards. A nice gem to read, and so appropriate since I’m wanting to do the same to my back yard. It looks awesome, and we can’t WAIT to see it! Nice work, says L-Boogie

    1. Yay! I think everyone should have a garden. It is hard but so good for your soul. My poor soggy plants are getting close to giving the rain gods the double finger. I’m very thankful I have raised beds, I bet lots lost plants or their whole garden by now… I’ll hopefully remember to put a picture of the back yard now on the next blog, it’s changed so much. I worry too much about how much I have left to do instead of focusing on all we’ve accomplished. Feel free to call if you have any garden questions, chances are I will not be able to answer them but I’ll know where to look…:) Enjoy your week! Happy gardening!!

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