I’m Sorry a Crazy, Homeless Man Called You an Asshole on the T…

I don’t think I’ve gone this long between posts, this is going to be a long one… grab wine.

Hmmmm, what to say about Monday…

I don’t hate whoever did this, I refuse to poison myself with destructive emotion for someone who doesn’t deserve a second thought. It was simply an act of cowardice.

Instead, I choose to focus on the love. There was far more kindness and compassion that day.

I don’t think this will faze Boston. It’s not that no one cares, they do… deeply, but everything I’ve read seems to focus more on the amazing people of this city helping in anyway they could, not the bomber. It is a nice change.

I predict a record breaking marathon next year; Bostonians refuse to be terrorized.

May he or she responsible find themselves publicly identified wandering around the North End… I think the Italians would handle it with grace.


The amazing view from the top of the tower we found while exploring the woods by our house… We find something cool every time we go for a hike.

Someone had broken down the door, so of course I went up to the top.




And they were fantastic! I love being around people who love to garden as much as I do. I can’t wait to take advantage of all the great classes and gatherings put on by these guys…


Happy dog place.



I miss you Casey Jane!



My babies are not babies anymore, they are all getting huge!

I never liked parsley, to me it had no flavor, now that I’ve had fresh cut I’m seriously hooked.


I went to a seed swap the other night… love.





I just love those two…









One of my very best friends (who is also a photographer) flew out to visit me for a week. We had such a blast!

I so miss all my girls…

If I had money I would take turns flying everyone to me.


I was photographing the owl, how on earth did I miss the bat wings! I may have to go back.

Essex is an entire town of antique shops. They’re mostly big ol houses converted, It takes an hour and a half just to get through one. I kinda have an ADD freak out moment every time I turn a corner. It truly is heaven.





Amen Sistah!




Wynn was doing her evil cackle.








I love having Kari around, I’m not the only one laying on the sidewalk looking like an idiot.



We rode the carousel at the Commons, we laughed so hard our stomachs hurt. I’m not going to say why, maybe you’ll figure it out.



Smartie pants lost her ID and two credit cards while shooting (I’m sure squatting in some weird position caused them to fall out of her pocket). I can’t believe we found them, God bless honest people!


Boston cream pie at the Omni (where it was invented) for lunch. Should be on everyones Boston to do list…






I want a pineapple plant….





Beauty and the Bruce… yum.


Ahhh, she makes me laugh.


Oh my gosh, it’s me! I’m not really on here very often. HI!!!!




I love you girl!!! You made my month.


This is in my top three restaurants. I LOVE this place… and truffle fries.


My two favorite red heads!



My dear friend with the last name of


sent me a gift in the mail… dried lavender for my bedside table. The bowl she sent to put it in (that called to her from across a thrift store) is exactly the same as the one I broke two days before getting the package. Good timing girl! You know me well.

I break stuff, it’s a curse. It will look beautiful in a stepping stone… along with all the other treasures I’ve broken and can’t get rid of.


Tamiko and I went to the city garden to pick up rain barrels, tis a glorious place, I wish it was closer.

Lynn needs a city garden. Hmmmm



My love! Rhubarb.

I was talking to the couple that owns my favorite little garden center, and they said they don’t carry it because no one asks for it anymore. That is sad to me, everyone used to have a patch in their garden.

I now have eight patches. I planted five more starts last week because I thought the ones I planted last year fried because I planted them too late. Ummm no, three are coming back up. Maybe I’ll be the rhubarb lady at the farmers market…




Flowers for my momma…







And they lived happily ever after…

I can hear my mother… “shame on you, Barbara!” I have one where we’re not flipping Kari off, but the light is better in this one, and that’s what really matters.

It’s Earth Day on Monday… I love Earth Day even though I think it’s bullshit that it’s only one day a year. Sigh… Someday people won’t have to be reminded not to be a life suck.

Happy National Cheeseball Day Loves!


10 thoughts on “I’m Sorry a Crazy, Homeless Man Called You an Asshole on the T…

  1. The day was uneventful and somewhat somber…..but your post and your images put everything in perspective and soothed my soul. I’m honored that I was around when the seeds to this special friendship were planted and it’s beautiful to see how much it has grown. Love and thoughts to all……..(and a good scratch behind the ears to Wynn)


    1. Is the winter getting you down? Most of my friends and family back home are right there with you. They all have the blaaaaas. One of the things I love most about this area is, spring arrives somewhere in the first two weeks of April. Winter is just too long back home. Even if it’s not what brought on the somber mood, it can’t help. I’m glad the post helped, you are the second person that said it changed their mood, that makes me feel good… You were there from day one of the Barb and Kari show. Those three years will always be some of favorites… love to you and the mrs.

  2. beautiful! Your hair is too cute! You probably cut it ages ago, so yes, we need more pictures of you. Glad to see j hasn’t lost his inner spider man.

    1. Thanks, I cut it off when we got home from Montana… Love it short! Kari took a ton when she was here so I will send some. I think she also took some of us together at some point. He is and will always be the amazing spider man… when he’s not being a ninja of cours:) Miss you guys!

  3. Thanks so much for the bright spot of my week. We were all thinking about you both this week with all that was going on. Glad you had such a nice visit with Kari.
    Am sending you a package… Start to look for it next week.
    Hope you have a great weekend.

    PS I think the last picture will go over my mom’s head, but will give Ralph a laugh.

  4. Another great one, Mrs. Dejo! Cool seeing Kari here. Its been three years or so? Glad you all bad a great time. And what is it that allows Ben Dejo to wear a bow tie so damn well?!

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