Minotaurs Make Poor Hat Models…

Can you believe it’s June? Summer is so close…

If it wasn’t for gardening, I’d have very little use for summer. I loath being hot and despite what my husband thinks, I do not look good in less clothing. (These arms and legs need cover.) Everything I love about summer could easily be done in spring and fall.


Is that not the sweetest face…?  She turned five in Saturday. We’re now the same age.

She is laying next to me in the window having a snooze, she makes my days brighter.








My greens are ready, I hope we’re officially done with store bought greens.

I have salad and spinach planted all over, every three weeks I plant more. I love gardening.







My tulips bloomed.  The gift that keeps on giving…


I’m trying something different with my parsley and cilantro. My hope is to plant them closer together so they hold each other up and don’t get so leggy. Stay tuned.



We had a hot snap that upset everything. I am NOT ready for heat, either is she… either are my brussels sprouts.


I wonder if this eggplant’s alter ego is named Barbara…

I want something growing in my yard named Barbarella, past meets present. I so wish I liked eggplant.


Sweet potato slips… Or a dragon.





Get ready for dilly beans my friends, I’m gonna have a lot.


My peonies bloomed! I guess I can now plant my watermelon.


Chives are so beautiful…

The bees are loving my yard, everyday I see more. I’d hang out in my garden if I were a bee. Chives are their favorite.


Happy national egg day Loves. May all your eggs be from free range chickens…


5 thoughts on “Minotaurs Make Poor Hat Models…

  1. Happy Birthday, Winn!!! Cooler weather on the way. Already nicer here. Your peas look great. They were my favorite spring vegetable from the garden. MB

    1. It’s already way cooler, in the 70’s this week. I love peas too! the heat singed them a bit. I saw the first blossom on them today, it won’t be long. Miss you guys.

  2. You don’t like eggplant because you have never had my eggplant parmigiana….One taste an you’ll be a convert. I would imagine with all those Italians in Boston that you could get a decent one. Try Pauli’s on Salem Street. The key is good bread, thin sliced eggplant, and authentic mozzarella and sauce…….My mouth is watering just typing this…….Love to all three of you. AMP

    1. I’m willing to give it a try… I saw your face today, made me miss the good ol days. See you soon? Will you be at the wedding? If you are not, maybe we can figure out a way to squeeze in a visit while I’m still in the area. Love to the three of YOU.

  3. Somehow Jane Fonda and purple hooters popped into my mind while reading this! And I agree with Eggplant Parma: it’s dam good. We’ve grilled just eggplant recently with a little salt, pepper, and garlic powder, and that’s yummy as well. Of course our eggplant was probably GMO. Happy Birthday to Winn. Zorro just turned 8, and we gave him a haircut for his birthday. Hugs to all.

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