J and I went out for breakfast New Years Day, to one of our new regular spots. J LOVES their corned beef hash.

We ended up sitting next to me and my girlfriends 15 years ago… Poor posture, last nights makeup and slept on hair.

It made me smile inside. Partly for not being anywhere near twenty anymore, and part for finally being able to appreciate the crazy life I used to lead without dwelling on the infinite number of stupid things that should have ended in my death…

They were talking about the previous evenings drama: how hard it was for girl number one to get girl number two’s drunk ass out the door, the nerve of that one guy hitting on girl number one, that bitch trying to start a fight with girl number two… giggling the whole time.

The only difference between these girls and the past us’ was the amount of “wickeds” in the conversation…



Some of my very early twenty gals on New Years Eve (at least 15 years ago)…GOOD TIMES!

I can’t believe I ever drank bud light… yuk. Thank the Lord for maturing taste palates.


Now, I drink tea.


This recipe is for Toni, the newest member to the paleo family…

Like most recipes, I don’t have a name for it.

For Toni Soup:

  • one container of chicken broth (get a case of organic chicken broth at costco (not cans) if you don’t want to make your own every time). We’ll talk about bone broth later…
  • one can of coconut milk
  • heaping tblsp of tai chili sauce
  • heaping tblsp of red curry paste (more to taste)
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • one can of diced tomatoes, liquid included
  • two chopped red, yellow or orange peppers
  • a couple chopped celery stalks
  • chopped smallish onion
  • Meat of some sort, I used fish (tricky) in this batch. Chicken is great!
  • whatever else veggie wise you want to throw in there. I have used: water chestnuts, cauliflower, spinach, bamboo shoots, cabbage, bok choy, kale… Stick to veggies that hold up to cooking for a bit (or add the weaker ones in at the end).

Starting with all the liquids and spices, throw it all in a large pot and cook until veggies are soft . I sometimes saute the onions and celery first in a little butter, then add.

Enjoy my friend…


Christmas is still around…













I have been trying to master sweet potato chips. Not easy. What I’ve learned so far…

Essentials… Meat slicer (they have to be thin and evenly cut so stick to smaller sweet potatoes unless you have a heavy duty slicer, mine isn’t). Baking rack, I don’t think they exist so I will try a cooling rack that doesn’t leach poison; laying them on a tray doesn’t seem to work.

I tried this route, it would have probably worked better if I hadn’t gone upstairs to work on photos and forgot to set a timer. Awesome.


Let me know if any of you hear of a method that works… I’ll keep trying.

Some of my successes (there were a few). They went perfect with a big ol Montana burger.



My new year is going great! I still feel inspired and driven every day.

Thanks in part to great friends that are just as determined to make their lives and careers exceptional.

Just keep moving forward, with purpose…

Happy Thursday Loves!!


One thought on “Wicked…

  1. Gosh, did those days ever really happen? We truly were those girls… and they’ll be us one day. The shaman that married us went paleo a couple years ago, then her whole family did as well.. she loves it… I Love bread too much… sigh. Maybe one day… Love to you and your hubs.

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