Out With The…


“Oh my God, I shot my eye out!”

Of course I started Christmas day out with the Christmas Story, didn’t you?



Then I got to hang out with my husband (kinda). Isn’t technology grand…?

It was actually a white Christmas… love.




Garlic scapes peaking out…

Christmas night walk with my favorite girl…







I wanted to do the whole house, the Mr. said no. Sigh.

Any Christmas lights are good in my book…


Cigars and dinner in the city with friends…











Dinner with friends twice in one week, lucky us!

This time at our house.

Topped off with a bonfire in a blizzard…



And cake!



Blizzard aftermath sure is pretty…






I’m really excited for the new year… Who isn’t? Fresh starts, goals, reflection… I can’t wait!

We wrote our 2013 goals out on our way back from Montana, we certainly had time.

I have a ton of course, always do, but they are all attainable…

My main goal is a hard one, not as concrete as most, and nearly impossible to  gauge… I am going to stop trying to be so perfect. (It may sound silly, but it really messes with my brain.) I come from a whole family of perfectionists, I learned from the best. We are seriously hard on ourselves if we produce anything that isn’t up to par. I don’t get things done that I should because I can’t seem to do a “perfect” enough job. I’d rather not do it if I can’t do it to the quality I think it should be. I’m terrified someone will say it’s not good enough; even writing this I imagine people saying nothing you do is anywhere near perfect… What the Fuck!

So, this year I will try my hardest to be perfect at being imperfect.



4 thoughts on “Out With The…

  1. Perfection itself is imperfection.
    Vladimir Horowitz

    Hard to argue with one of history’s greatest pianists…. :-)

    Happy New Year to you both (& Wynn)

    1. Happy New Year to you guys as well! I’m sure you are right where you want to be…
      I was so happy to get to spend time with you on our trip home, next time my husband is driving:)

  2. Always love your photography, Barb! Let me see: “Now THAT’s a fire!”; I don’t blame Mr. for not wanting to light the whole house; Whatever you made for those friends looks AWESOME!; and WTF? You’re perfect just the way you are. Really….. really.

    Loves from ours to yours!

    1. Happy New Years, Molina family! Well, I always love your comments! The fire was pretty fantastic. I didn’t make the cake, we had a potluck:) Miss you guys!!!

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