Happy St. Nick Day!!!

It is once again my favorite holiday, St. Nicholas Day.

I wrote about it last year, and find I have nothing to add.

This year I’m celebrating by hanging new curtains and cleaning my bathrooms. Not the most eventful St. Nick day in history…

We have a shiny new natural gas heating system… after six days of double (sometimes triple) layers and space heaters. Welcome home! your oil tank gauge is a big fat liar… We won’t miss you, you black tank of nasty. 

I got our tree up yesterday, LOVE!

And I’m happy to say my Christmas cactus is blooming at the moment, so I didn’t miss it. I think all my plants went dormant due to lack of heat, I did not mean to leave you in the cold…

I’m in the process of going through my vacation images, 697 to be exact. I’ll post soon…

It’s good to be home…






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