Where candy falls through the ceiling…

Happy St. Nick day!!!

Simple, mostly forgotten and halfway between Thanksgiving and Christmas. I think it may be the perfect holiday…

I was in LOVE with this holiday when I was little.  At some point in our school day we would put one shoe out in the hallway, magically the next time we looked, there was candy in it. Brilliant!

And then… In my house sometime after dinner, candy would start falling through the ceiling. I would look up to try to see the trick, but no trick, candy was actually coming through the ceiling. I was like fifteen before I knew what was really going on. It was a blissful fifteen years years though… Thank you mom and dad for always making the little things so fantastic!

I now have some of those stockings hanging in my house… None of them was actually mine though. I’m the little different one on the end…. once again, art mimics life.

I just love this picture! My brother and sister were so squishy. How can you not smile looking at this…?

May you find candy and not coal (or leftover easter eggs) in your shoe this glorious St. Nick Day…

If you find coal, take it as a hint to stop being an asshole.






3 thoughts on “Where candy falls through the ceiling…

  1. You have enlightened me yet again! I do not know about st. nick day, but it will have to be added to our celebrations next year. I may need directions on that ceiling candy thing.

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