Happy, Healthy, Wise and Kind…

Words to live by…

Every time I feel myself slipping, I repeat these four words. Try it… It doesn’t have to be these words, find words that inspire you…

  • Happy = content
  • Healthy mind, healthy body.
  • Wise…  Better yourself through knowledge and good judgement. (Quite the opposite of myself 15 years ago.)
  • You never know what someone is up against, always try to make someone’s day better, not worse. Be kind.

So much goes through my head this time of year, I LOVE new beginnings… I am so excited for 2014!! Before that I have to close out 2013… I will start with brussels sprouts.


Be very jealous, they were fantastic! We had friends over for our now annual Thanksgiving left-over party. We decided it was a good time to share our last bit of garden. I’m just so excited to have grown them… from seed I might add!


My mom’s cranberry sauce ranks up there with sunshine. And makes me miss her like crazy!


Fire… Of course!



We stayed in the city for  my favorite holiday, St. Nick Day.  Chicago has nothing on downtown Boston. The wind whips around those buildings… pure misery. We have decided to save our weekends in the city to warmer months. It’s no fun if you can’t walk around. My husband is a saint for putting up with me when I’m hungry or cold. God save us all if those two ever happen at the same time.

However, inside was a blast!




The view from our room…


Honey! I’m home…




Jazz brunch at the Beehive….





I’ve been searching for these for-EVER! I remember making them when I was little. Fun times.


He is such a good sport…


Right after I took this picture, the cookie sheet popped and we had to re-do all of them. Son of a bitch… We got to make them twice… twice the fun.






While my princess took an unusually long stiffing break, I stood and listened to this little guy play Christmas carols. They played so soft the sound of my footsteps would have drowned them out. Lucky for me  my dog is sloooowwwwwww.



The last picture of my 1000 year old windows. We finally got them replaced… on one of the coldest days of the year. My poor husband froze his ass off while Wynn and I got to go to work. Love, love, love  New Hampshire for allowing dogs in salons.



Winter cilantro.


The only image from our Solstice party. It was a blast! Love our little group…



There is a crazy  four hour parade that winds through Lynn on Christmas Eve, lucky for us it goes down the street less than a minute from our house. So with hot chocolate in hand we headed to the festivities…. Perfect Christmas Eve.


The Mr. got homemade corned beef hash in his stocking…


My Christmas present (insert squeal of delight). Normally I don’t open Christmas presents before Christmas but J knew I would want to open it before. My mom gave me most of her record collection including all her Christmas music. I almost cry every time I play a record, they bring back so many childhood memories. I’m beyond thankful…


I got this ornament last summer while shopping with my oldest sister at one of our favorite antique places. Sadly it was our last trip, they’re closed now…



One of my favorite thrift store finds…


Baby cilantro.


My husband makes a mean lamb stew…



Snow day! Again…



She has missed this spot so much…  Even though it has been freaking cold pretty much every day, when the sun shines bright, I let her go hang on the porch.

She is my sunshine…



I know I’m very late in saying this,  but a very Merry Christmas  just the same, Loves!  AND Happy 2014,  I hope it’s the best one yet. It’s gonna be for us, I can feel it.

P.S. WordPress used to notify me when someone commented on a post, they do not do that anymore, so I don’t get your comments until I log in to write a new post. Please forgive me for responding late… Love to you ALL!!


2 thoughts on “Happy, Healthy, Wise and Kind…

  1. Always enjoy your posts, and your marvelous pictures! Brussels sprouts are one of my favorite foods too! Your words about kindness reminded me of the “fruits of the spirit” song we just sang with the kiddos on Sunday! Such fun, but so meaningful to life. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YDNvUOZRFxs We had a bit of sunshine today, yippee! My friend at work gave me a horticulture magazine, so I’m going to look at gardens and roses before I go to sleep tonight! Happy January! Spring is coming soon……. Aunt Rose and Uncle John

    1. Hi Aunt Rose! Thank you for sending that link to the photo contest to Mary Beth, I’ll have to keep that in mind. Maybe I will get something spectacular this summer. Hi to Uncle John from the both of us…

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