Doggies and Scotch…

I always think the images from my travels home should be better than they end up. I love it there, it’s familiar and there’s always a lot going on. I guess I just want to visit and not photograph…

First stop on our very looooong road trip, Jersey diner food with the in-laws…




_MG_9550 _MG_9566

_MG_9558 _MG_9555


My husband thanking God for his 6 scotch sampler for lunch in Laramie…

And good ranch for his wife so she will stop bitching about the crap they try to pass off as ranch anywhere east of Wyoming.

_MG_9570 _MG_9579 _MG_9581 _MG_9582 _MG_9584

I would just like to add, the new image gallery format that wordpress has set up, blows.


The amazing view from Janelle and Nate’s house… Thanks for letting us stay!

_MG_9751 _MG_9671 _MG_9659 _MG_9600

“All my cousins are dogs” Ellie told her friend… Still makes me giggle.


Ya, baby!


I spent the better part of my late 20’s in this building…


…and this lab.


My old locker. Jayne you’re the best! No more boring numbers…


I rarely saw this room with the lights on… Still smells the same.

_MG_9779 _MG_9783

Lunch and wine with one of my favorite people… Thanks for playing hooky!

_MG_9788 _MG_9792 _MG_9795 _MG_9797

Of course my friend Mo has a disco ball in her basement, one of the many reasons I love her…

_MG_9803 _MG_9804 _MG_9806 _MG_9811 _MG_9819 _MG_9838


Happy dogs!


Ridley rolling in something nasty, you’re welcome Alanna.


Of course several trips to Sam’s for our RL Ales fix…. And sandwiches; bring back #9!

_MG_9861 _MG_9880 _MG_9881 _MG_9884 _MG_9888

One of the perks of staying with Mick and Alanna, they have an espresso machine in their basement.

And homemade chai…

_MG_9893 _MG_9902 _MG_9923 _MG_0312 _MG_0316

I have seen her mom make this same face in the same situation…

_MG_0378 _MG_0385

Bloodys at Chico… Perfect!

_MG_0386 _MG_0393 _MG_0399 _MG_0401 _MG_0409 _MG_0412

So So proud of my mom… She was honored this year at her school.

_MG_0414 _MG_0441 _MG_0442

Two year old mint from our wedding…

_MG_0456 _MG_0459 _MG_0462 _MG_0472  _MG_0500 _MG_0507 _MG_0520

My mom gave me all her Christmas records while I was home… The greatest collection of Christmas music ever!

Don’t worry siblings, as soon as I can figure out how to record them, I will.

_MG_0549 _MG_0556


_MG_0557 _MG_0558

My dad was so in love with the Lennon sisters when he was little, he cut out the picture of them and put it in a frame.

_MG_0564 _MG_0565 _MG_0568 _MG_0573

Perfect Montana snow.

_MG_0577 _MG_0582 _MG_0584

My head is gigantic!

_MG_0591 _MG_0599 _MG_0604 _MG_0608

So long Montana!

_MG_0611 _MG_0612 _MG_0613

J is in LOVE with City Brew coffee.

His top three favorite cups of coffee on the trip (out of thousands): Mick and Alanna’s basement coffee, City Brew kiosk in Red Lodge and the Flying J on the border of Nebraska and Indiana.

_MG_0623 _MG_0629 _MG_0634

_MG_0636 _MG_0640 _MG_0641

Ahhh Cracker Barrel, I love you and your slushy lemonade.


Disturbing on so many levels…

_MG_0650 _MG_0654 _MG_0659 _MG_0666 _MG_0667


Thanks for the great trip Loves!!


One thought on “Doggies and Scotch…

  1. I was honored to be a part of your itinerary and to get to know J a bit better. Here’s to more days of red wine and hooky in the future……Merry Christmas to you both…..AMP

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