Eleven is my favorite number. And on 11-11-11 my day was perfect.

Ever since I was little I notice 11:11. Either time or just a string of ones.  My husband signed our marriage certificate at 11:11. When we closed the gates after our wedding, the time on the clock when we got back in the car was 11:11… That’s how I know he’s perfect.

My old jeep’s speedometer turned 111111 driving by the 11 mile marker outside of Powell. Of course I took a picture.

It’s amazing how many times I drove by that old 11 mile marker at 11:11.

No matter what it means, it always makes me smile. 


11:14 is another time I always notice. I feel since my favorite number is 11, and my sister’s favorite number was 14, noticing 11:14 is her way of saying hello…

Today I noticed the clock at 11:14…

After dropping an order off in Swampscott, Wynn and I went to the beach. My new favorite beach…

We were the only souls as far as the eye could see. I couldn’t help but feel truly blessed to have a whole beach to myself and my favorite furry companion… for almost an hour.  She wandered freely off her leash. I sat and listened to the waves and appreciated the sun on my face.

It was absolutely breathtaking.

Have you ever been so full of positive energy that it feels like it will come bursting out of the top of your head. Thats how I felt when we left our perfect hour by the water.

One happy dog…  

Happy 11 11 11… I hope it was as fantastic of a day for you as it was for me.




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