Pirate Radio…

I’m usually able to kick a migraine in a day…. Not the case this time.  I have been working on my computer in 8 minute increments for almost a week now.

90% of the things on my to-do list involve me being on the computer.

I am behind.

Today I said F-it! I need to get some stuff done! I will not think about my crooked back and neck.

Soooo, I’m watching “Pirate Radio” and working on what seems like way old news…  A movie that makes you laugh out loud is good for so many ailments.

Our dear friend Kevin was in town from London, I cooked a turkey. Although I love Kevin enough to cook him a turkey when he’s in town… He just got lucky and came to dinner on the right night.

Oh, and  cooked my first apple pie from scratch. It was fabulous! I used honey instead of white sugar. And I added 1 tsp of cinnamon and 1/2 tsp nutmeg.

My favorite part, using one of my grandmothers pie pans…

Latice seemed too ordinary for this household, so I used ninjas.

Halloween and Gorefest go hand in hand.

We went with A&R (and his sisters) on a harbor cruise for Halloween. Fun! The weather worked out better for the half dressed twenty-somethings that just wanted to hang inside and dance. I wanted to be outside looking at the city from the water. No go, it was like an episode of Deadliest Catch.

So we joined the goddesses in bustiers…

And we got our first snow…

We got up in the morning and drove to New Jersey to see the fam… Long over due trip.

Oh my gosh I love J’s grandma! I got so lucky with my in-laws…

The last sugar pea of the season. And it was tasty.

I love my new yoga bag. Organic, so it doesn’t smell like it has been sitting in an exhaust pipe. It’s just perfect!

HA! I so remember making these when I was in grade school… The only time I’ve been entertained by litter.

Happy November everyone!!! It’s my favorite…


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