Enjoy your baby…

I believe the meaning of harvest to be anything that grows faster than you can shovel in your mouth.

I harvested basil for the first time this week, that makes me smile. So does pesto!

I think it will be the only thing this year I’ll have enough of to harvest. I’m still one happy gardener.

My head is already swimming with next years gardening plans…

Oh and bottom rot can kiss my ass! I may get mmmm like two tomatoes this year.

I have started juicing… I gotta tell you, I feel a thousand times better!

It does wonders for your energy level. Plus my skin looks way better, I was looking a little grey…

My favorite recipe so far…

  • 1/2 a pineapple
  • 1 cucumber
  • 3 carrots
  • 3 celery stalks
  • 2ish cups of broccoli (no I don’t measure)
  • 2″ of ginger

I try to keep it around 70% vegetable 30% fruit.

This batch had beets, celery, cucumber, kale, ginger and watermelon…

I’m kinda addicted now… Alanna was right.

When the temperature stops mimicking Africa’s, I’m going to make soup with the pulp. I can’t wait!

Every day a new color palette…

I can’t remember where we were, but my blueberry beer came with blueberries in it.

Ya, pretty fantastic!

What a beautiful garden…

Little kid after my own heart…

I just think vegetables are the most beautiful thing God ever created…

I went to a baby shower this last weekend.

They had swedish fish… I couldn’t stop eating them.

They should call them french fish. The french are more evil. They would have to cut the sugar content by about 90% though. How about french canadian fish, sweet and evil…

Oh how I love a sparkly vintage… anything!

Need I say anything about this book…

Haven’t seen these smallish people since I photographed them a couple months back. They are a bit more alert…

I do love babies…

Lynn read us a story… and it was brilliant!

Happy Tuesday Loves!


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