Inner Smile…

Last week was a good week…  

I met Angelina Spidergirl Princess Rapunzel (I’m missing about three names) walking with her dad and little brother down by the water.

When I was walking away she noticed I had a camera and asked (in the softest voice) “Will you take my picture”

It’s amazing how you can meet someone so new in life that already has such a presence. I hope to run into her again someday.

I’m curious to see who she will be that day…

This chair was my grandparents; I love everything about it.

Perfect chair in a perfect spot… 

We went to Harry Potter 7.5 the other night…

I can’t help but always be a little disappointed with the movies.

Everyone who’s read the books knows what I’m talking about. They’re entertaining but…

I’m always happy to go to the theater though. And no talkers this time!

Spiderman (girl) seemed to be the theme of the week.

This picture kinda makes me sick when I look at it…

I got up early the other morning in order to get to Haymarket before it hit a 100… I think it was 99 when I got home at 8:30.

No crowds though..:)

I spent all day Sunday working in the garden.

That is just the best!

My lettuce is beautiful but bitter, another casualty of the heat.

Alanna sent me some much needed fence decorations. That huge white fence is a little much…

She’s so talented… If anyone need anything made from metal, Back Alley Metals is your place!

Thanks Love! You’re the best!

I pride myself in the fact that we really only take out the trash maybe once every week and a half to two weeks.

I have started putting meat scraps in Wynn’s biodegradable dog bags. Keeps the stink contained in the garbage. Hooray!

Happy Tuesday Loves!


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