Ya know when too many days of heat and humidity suck out your will to live, I have that.

My garden seems content. Peppers are blooming like crazy.

I learned about bottom rot on tomatoes this week.

She’s a good dog…

I Can’t Wait!!

They look like little elves…

I’ve finally figured out how to grow basil. I think the trick is not too much sun and plenty of room.

And grow enough plants so you aren’t always picking at one or two.

My peas are done, sad day.

I’m going to do a second planting in a month; I hope to get more than five peas per plant.

I have a new plan…

I soaked corn husks in chicken broth and rosemary before re-wraping them and throwing them on the BBQ.

It’s my new favorite way to cook corn on the cob….

Much needed night on the town…

My hand looks huge!

Happy Tuesday Loves!


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