Crabs… the good kind.

We ventured up to northern New York to visit James’s sister and husband. I loved it up there, it reminded me of Montana. The weather was fantastic! Hot but not overly hot during the day and cool at night… and no humidity.

Nice view…

Holy crap this kid…!

Being the annoying child crying in public lovers that both Nate and I are; I don’t know who wanted to dangle him over the edge more.

I can understand a crying baby, but this kid was like seven. He never stopped crying the whooooole time.

I was thankful for the excellent bloody marys.

We did find great amusement in photographing him.  I especially love the “life is good” shirt he’s wearing.

We went hunting for the giant alligator in Lake Placid, no dice.

Oh how I love the water…
Thats it, we’re getting a kayak… or two. It’s such a great way to get away.

Itty bitty Janelle and Nate…

We went home and had a stellar crab boil…

I gotta love the man for at least trying things. Even if it’s something he knows he’s not crazy about.

We rode the ferry (not fairy) across Lake Champlain on our way home…

She found a little friend that she played with until it stopped moving.

Happy Tuesday Loves!


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