Pedicures, Fireworks and Food with Eyes …


I have started to think of Wednesday as the beginning of my week. It was bound to happen.

We went out on Thursday night to see “T: An MBTA Musical” With a pre show dinner at The Field next door….

My man loves him a Guinness…

“T” (in a nutshell) was a musical about the shortcomings of Boston’s transit system. SO HILARIOUS!

I don’t ride the T that much so I don’t get let down by it as much as those who ride it everyday. However, on the way home from our date the T broke down. HA! how ironic… The doors wouldn’t open, then they wouldn’t close, then they shut it down and said we have no idea when it will be fixed so figure out another way to get where you need to go …

So we decided it was a fine night for a walk.  We walked from the Kendall to the Lechmere (20 min) and found it to be closed until December. So we hopped on a shuttle bus. We found it kinda funny but I can see where that would get old really quick if you had to rely on it for work.

I kinda got lucky with my in-laws…

J’s sister Julie came up to spend the fourth with us, fun time!

Yes, my dog has her lazy moments, usually only when it’s hot.

I wonder what makes people leave their shoes…

I like the Financial District on Sunday, empty. It’s what the zombie apocalypse would look like.

If it sounds like fun, there is a good chance 10,000 other people in the city are going to think it’s fun too.

In the case of fireworks 800,000 other people thought it would be fun. I tried but couldn’t capture the sheer number of people there, it was insane!

If you want a front row seat you have to go early in the morning and set up camp. Might be fun with the right group of people…

We decided Mexican food was a good fourth of July dinner… We didn’t even try to top our “all american” lunch.

Lucky dogs…

People waiting to get on the T… This isn’t even the closest stop to where we were.  We walked for about 45 minutes to avoid this craziness…

I bet there were about ten other T stops that were just as crowded.

Julie decided to stay an extra day since J had it off.

We headed up north… Always a good idea!


Someone who actually thought this was a good idea is roaming around free out there. Probably driving a car… and voting!

My favorite store in Salem now has a sister store in Newburyport. What could be more perfect…

I always come across things that remind me of my girlfriends…

And this is why I had the scallops…

Happy Wednesday Loves!




One thought on “Pedicures, Fireworks and Food with Eyes …

  1. Perfection!!!! Your pictures are WAY better than mine but it is to be expected!! Great shots…what a wonderful vacation! Thank you!

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