Early bird…

Since I’m flying out on Tuesday, I decided to do an early short post. I will make up for it next time.

I hope to one day be able to bring enough in from my garden that I have to buy very little food in the summer.

It can be done, people do it all the time…

I’m finding container gardening very painful. I think it makes an already tricky situation trickier.

I want a garden, like in the ground…

I had a branch break off my tomato plant and it about broke my heart. The cages I bought are sturdy but not tall enough. SOB, if it’s not one thing it’s another.

Breakfast makings…

Diner food is kinda hard to find around here… Sometimes you’re just in the mood for pancakes, sausage and syrup that is made mostly from poison. J found a diner a couple miles from our house, pretty good food with a crazy over the top atmosphere, just like I like it. Pancakes taste better when you have a dinosaur mural to look at.

We brought out Croa for game night the other evening. Its this crazy french game that J found….

These little bastards infected both of my brussels sprout plants. I had to throw them out. No brussels sprouts in my garden this year… boo.

I planted salad, spinach and peas the other day. I’m experimenting a bit this go round… We will see.

We met up with a rather large group of friends Friday for “dinner with the queen.” Leila teaches in Cairo but makes a yearly trip back to the area to visit her former subjects she ruled over during her  years at BU.

She’s amazing…

We hit a cigar bar on the way home. I guess the love for my husband trumps my hatred of cigar smoke.

I don’t know what it is about overly drunk, puking, twenty somethings that compels me to photograph them.  I always get yelled at by the sober-ish hair-holding friend though. Fun times…

I won’t get to post again until the 23rd. Happy Montana vacation to me! 


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