Thats it, I’m out of titles…


Looks like we will be in our little house for another year. I am glad a move is not in our upcoming future, but a huge spring cleaning/reorganizing most certainly is. May my fathers mad organizational skills come out of me next weekend…. I don’t need more than a 1000 square foot house, I don’t need more than a 1000 square foot house, I don’t need more than a 1000 square foot house…

Lord give me the strength to keep from choking the neighbor dog til her vocal cords pop out of her throat…. Thanks!

So, my first sewing project since 1991 was a success, I re-hemmed J’s pants. They were tailored too short (not by me of course). My man does not wear floods well, I don’t suppose anyone with size 12 feet does.

White trash winter… I am happy to say it does not look like that anymore, all nice and tidy.

I made the kiddies play outside while I cleaned the house. I can’t wait till they turn 18 and are living in the back yard. Mommy loves you but you are making me claustrophobic.

Wynn and I had our first “picnic” of the season. Beef veggie soup, Yum! Actually I had veggie soup and Wynn had the beef.

I fell in love with Kinder Eggs in Italy.  I have yet to find them in the states,  maybe that’s why I like them so much. Because my husband loves me, he brings me one back every once in a while.  They are milk chocolate on the outside and white chocolate on the inside and there is a surprise when you open them. Good to keep in the fridge, but let them come back to room temperature before trying to open them or they will shatter into a million pieces. Maybe the Easter Bunny will leave one in each of my favorite kid’s Easter basket…

I don’t know who you are my around the corner neighbor, but I like ya!

Seaweed is my favorite.

OK mother, here is my guacamole recipe…

Per one avocado…

  • Around one tblsp of purple onion (I have tried with other colored onions and I don’t like it as well) I grate it on the small side of the grater so I get kind of a puree.
  • juice from a quarter lime
  • pinch of salt
  • pinch of pepper
  • half of a small tomato cut very small (I like lots of tomato)
  • 1 tblsp  salsa
  • sometimes it needs a little vinegar, I usually use tabasco but if you don’t want spice use about a tsp of white vinegar

If you keep the seed and put it in when it’s done, it keeps it from turning brown. The lime helps with that also.

I am experimenting with freezing it, I’ll let you know if it works.

I make this to taste, this is just a starting recipe… Good Luck!

We headed up north to the farm and Newburyport, If I have a choice, this is where we go.

Connie’s stagecoach is our favorite little cafe, great diner type food and fast, very friendly service. win win in my book….

Newburyport is a little touristy town right on the water, I would love to move there… sigh.

I miss my mom…

Tree 2, sidewalk 0… Don’t mess with mother nature!

It’s a monkey riding a pig… need I say more?

And I’m spent…

I heart Tendercrop Farms! It’s how food is suppose to to be.

Love you all!


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